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    Men's overcoats span the range of styles, color, design, and purpose. You are bound to find just the right type of outerwear for whatever type of weather, terrain, or occasion that is prompting you to make this purchase.


    Trenches Overcoats


    Trenches are one classic style that can be either a lightweight overcoat or a heavier, lined piece of clothing. There is a wide range of colors, too, including the classic black, brown, and tan. Other colors include red, blue, white, yellow, and many more. Many designs of this type of outerwear including decorative touches such as fringe, patches, logo placement, and the like in order for you to allow your personality to come through.


    Windbreakers Overcoats


    Windbreakers, a large category of light men's overcoats, are the type of outerwear that have staying power. This style can be worn throughout many seasons. You will find that a windbreaker is handy to have on spring mornings when the air is still chilly and in the cool spring evenings when campfires are best made. Summers will see you reaching for this light overcoat on those evenings when it is windy or rainy, or even both. It will protect your clothing from getting wet while not being too heavy or hot for you to bear.


    Leather Bomber Overcoats


    A leather bomber overcoat is a popular item in the men's overcoats industry. Associated with a daring personality yet stylish and classic, this type of overcoat has stood the test of time even while its popularity is growing. Available in lined versions as well as unlined versions, this type of overcoat will see you through all types of weather except for the bitterly cold months.


    Other Types


    Other types of winter men's overcoats include work overcoats suitable for those working out in the harsh winter weather. These types tend to be made with an insulating material and they tend to be lined as well to provide an extra layer of warmth. There are a number of accessories that males can choose from to coordinate with their overcoats. These include hats, gloves, scarves, boots, and more.