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  • Posted On : Apr 14, 2020
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  • Description : The Delirium alliance mechanism is an excellent supplement to the game, and its fun is undeniable.


  • The Delirium alliance mechanism is an excellent supplement to the game, and its fun is undeniable. Whether the player is building a Cluster Jewel weapon for his building or fighting the map with the fog, the Delirium Alliance can provide a good platform for players. However, the Delirium alliance also has many problems. Players complain about the ground effect of killing enemies in the alliance, and believe that its technical performance is at the lowest level in history. From Cluster Jewels to Buy POE Currency new enemies, these are the 5 disadvantages of the Delirium Alliance.
    Ground Effects is popular with players. Since fog continues to appear at each level, it is difficult for players to discern whether the ground is safe or not, and it is too late to wait for players to die in frustration. Because fog also weakens the player's speed, these special effects become more difficult to deal with. Added more sense of crisis for players.
    Simulacrum is the most ashamed of players. Players will enter a random Act center city, and players will fight wave after wave until the 20th wave. By the 17th wave, the difficulty was simply unacceptable. The boss here can immediately kill the most awkward player and absorb millions of injuries per second. At the same time, its reward is also random, and even the admission ticket is 300 fragments, crazy, it requires dozens of maps to get it.
    Boss Fights is also very helpless. While fighting the boss, when you have the opportunity to launch a fatal blow to a Delirious boss. Delirium's mist will roll over, removing their extra modifiers and loot rewards, it's awful. If the player uses The Brine King and Innocence against the boss, the situation is even worse.
    Performance has always been a very serious problem. Since the update of the Breach Alliance, every update of Path Of Exile will degrade performance. Due to the poor connection between the POE Exalted Orb loaded assets and the server, the map is often confused. When the player uses the latest patch, some items are even completely unresponsive, resulting in an unfair death caused by the player's control. This is very uncomfortable. It might be better to clear the shader cache and disable audio. But this also makes many players question the stability of Path Of Exile.