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  • Description : Stainless Steel Boxes | How They Secure Vital Things!



    Stainless steel boxes are perfect to secure items of a valuable nature from would-be thieves, water, or flames. These stainless steel boxes are often constructed in durable steel for an efficient security measure, with fire retardant insulation to safeguard against flames and heat.


    Stainless Steel Box


    A stainless steel box is locked shut via combination code, key, or biometric technology. A keypad or combination code often accepts a 3 to 8 digit PIN number, which can be re-programmed if desired. In addition, for extra convenience a standard key can also unlock if a pass code should be mislaid.


    Different Types of Stainless Steel Boxes


    The different types of stainless steel boxes include diamond plate, security file, portable, and fire and water box. A diamond plate box, constructed in 16-gauge steel, is an ideal security tool for fixing in a watercraft, track, or RV with a dual lock system to allow the main stainless steel box to be pulled out from its casing, while remaining secure.


    Securing Vital Things


    For securing vital documents a stainless steel box is often the ideal solution, comes constructed in dependable steel, with rails built-in for holding files, and fitted with a heavy-duty lock and key. A compact, portable stainless steel box intended for the traveler offers something to secure small valuable items.


    Water and Fire Resistant


    A water and fire resistant chest offers adequate space to accept an assortment of values in need of fire protection with up to one half hour of protection with temperature up to 1450 degrees F. A waterproof seal is able to safeguard property against water damage, including that from a sprinkler or hose system.




    A well built, stainless steel box is perfect for holding valuable items, birth certificates, cash, vital paperwork and comes equipped with a professional-quality locking mechanism for first-class protection.