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  • Posted On : Apr 17, 2020
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  • Description : This year is a very important year to enter the Path of Exile.


  • This year is a very important year to enter the POE Currency Path of Exile. The difference from the beginning is that you will have more content to explore. In 2013, no newer games like Wolcen were available. As far as Path of Exile is concerned, in terms of game time, I am more like a new player. But I started to contact this game very early. I started from the Beta version of 2012-2013 and played a lot. I rolled a Templar, all the Lightning Shields were popular at the time, and it was fun to play. It is a pity that the whole game was only 3 scenes at that time. In fact, there was no more to do, so I decided to suspend the game.
    Recently, I restarted my Path of Exile journey again. The new Metamorph and Delirium leagues are a very good opportunity. The number of people online has reached 200,000. Obviously, I am not alone.
    Path of Exile is completely free is a huge driving force, which is why it is so successful and why it continues to grow. Path of Exile's in-game store does not sell any equipment, power or any items that affect the efficiency of the game's killing, but will provide convenience items. All of the POE Orbs store ’s revenue goes to Grinding Gear Games, to help them develop more new content for Path of Exile.
    Path of Exile's success is not accidental. Not only does it constantly update new content in its ARPG category, it also sets the tone for the game. This is a powerful system, it has a reliable record, and a new alliance is released every few months to satisfy players.
    Classless Design is definitely a feature of Path of Exile. There are more than 1,400 nodes in its passive skills, and everyone will be rewarded. This passive skill tree is one of Path of Exile's custom features.
    Path of Exile is a hardcore ARPG, which means that story mode does not cause trouble for players. What are you waiting for, Path of Exile in 2020 is definitely worth your joining.