MyWorldGo Players can add more to the absurd skill tree with the help of Path of Exile Delirium

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  • Grinding Gear Games released a copy of Path of Exile-Delirium on February 25, 2020. Due to the changes brought about by this expansion in the game, the legendary battle will become more dangerous. Officials have made up for players in other ways. Players can use the Path of Exile Delirium to add more content to the absurd skill tree. In mid-March, the extended function update including POE Currency was launched.

    Players can encounter the Mirror of Delirium in different areas of Path of Exile. By interacting with the magic mirror, players will cover the surrounding area with fog, increasing the difficulty in various situations. New bosses are born because of mist, and existing monsters will become more threatening. For example, action bosses like Saltwater King and old expansion encounters such as ambush safes, invasions, breakthroughs, and betrayal encounters. The stronger the boss encountered in Delirium, the more rewards players may receive. The rewards dropped in different regions are different. Players can enter the final game map and apply Delirium to Delirium in this area.

    This new item type, Cluster Jewels, is one of the coolest things to get into Path of Exile Delirium. These Cluster Jewels can be obtained from Delirium League. Players can use Cluster Jewels to customize new skill tree nodes. And attach them to the jewel slot on the edge of the passive skill tree on the road of exile. Players can also use jewelry clusters to create their own skill trees. You can even link certain jewelry clusters together. These clusters are randomly generated, and a notable passive cluster can be randomly selected from 280 newly added clusters. Players can also re-roll the cluster to suit their needs. Since 2016, Grinding Gear Games claims that this may be the biggest change in the way players are built because it added the Ascendancy class in 2016.

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