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  • Description : YouTube has almost every type of video you want to see. YouTube is a video-sharing platform that focuses on Movies, Songs and Commentary.
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  • Activate YouTube:- Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV, PS4, Xbox-one, Kodi

    YouTube has almost every type of video you want to see. YouTube is a video-sharing platform that focuses on Movies, Songs and Commentary. Vlogs, Tutorials. Reactions. Challenges. Q& are some of the most popular videos.

    YouTube is an essential app that you must have installed on your device.

    The YouTube app is accessible on all streaming platforms, including Roku and Fire TV, Android TVs, Samsung Smart TVs, Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation.

    To get YouTube on these streaming devices, first download and install YouTube from the appropriate application store. Then activate YouTube at

    Youtube com activate kodi
    Below is the activation process for most streaming devices.

    Roku: Activate the YouTube App

    Navigate to the section Streaming channels from your Roku home menu. Search for the YouTube app in the Streaming channel section. After you have found the app, click the Add Channel button. Wait for it to be installed on your Roku. To launch the app , click the Go to channel button. Next, select the Sign in option from the left-hand sidebar. Next, click the Sign in using a web browser option. A code will display on your screen along with activation instructions. On another device, launch a browser and open Click Next and enter the activation code. Next, sign in using your YouTube (Google account credentials). Your Roku device has been linked to your YouTube account.

    Amazon Fire TV: Activate YouTube

    From the Fire TV's main screen, select the Find option. Type YouTube in the search box. Click the Get option and choose the YouTube app from your search results. Once the app is installed, it will start to install on your Fire TV. To launch the app, tap Open after installation. Next, choose the Sign In Sign In with a Web Browser option. On your screen will be a one-time activation code as well as URL Open the activation URL with a different browser on your second device. Click the Next button and enter the code. Sign in to YouTube. The Amazon Fire TV will now allow you to access your YouTube account.

    You can activate YouTube App on your gaming console

    Go to the home screen on your Xbox Gaming Console Store . Look for the YouTube app in the application store. Next, download the app and launch it. Next, click on Sign In. Sign into the app using a web browser. A unique code will appear on your screen. Open a browser on your mobile device or computer and go to YouTube activation page: To link your YouTube account, please enter the code provided by your device. Click the Next button. Next, sign in to YouTube and follow the prompts to activate the account. Your Xbox console now has the YouTube app activated.

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