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  • Posted On : Apr 23, 2020
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  • With the recent launch of Temtem‘s Ranked Matchmaking, many tamers have made their first foray into the competitive battling environment. Those who Temtem Items did have quickly discovered that you can’t single-mindedly attack your opponent turn after turn like you can in the story mode. The type-effectiveness of the different Temtem, lasting stat buffs and debuffs, range of Traits and Techniques, and 2v2 format make Temtem battles far more complex than they first appear. If you want to climb the Ranked Matchmaking ladder, you need to learn the competitive roles that different Temtem can fill.



    Let’s start with the supporter role. In the stats recently released by Crema, two supporters were the most picked Temtem in Ranked Matchmaking. Supporters are also what you’ll build the rest of your Team composition on top of. Supporters excel at buffing, protecting, and healing your Temtem, as well as hindering your enemy with debuffs. In the case of Kinu, one of the most picked Temtem in the first week of Ranked Matchmaking, its Protector trait increases the DEF (defense) and SPDEF (special defense) of its ally by one stage when it enters the battlefield. As for Raize, its Demoralize Trait decreases the SPD (speed) of both enemy Temtem by one Temtem Pansun stage when it enters the battlefield. Both are excellent examples of how a supporter helps its team. Techniques can also determine how good a Temtem is at fulfilling a role. The other incredibly popular Supporter, Pigepic, has a Technique called Bamboozle. This will protect an ally Temtem from the next offensive Technique directed at it and give you enough time to buff it.



    On that note, let’s talk about the Temtem you want to buff to beat your opponent. The role of the sweeper is to receive stat buffs from supporters or its own Techniques and then proceed to sweep your opponent into the trash. These Temtem should have a high base ATK (attack) or SPATK (special attack) stat.