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  • Posted On : Jun 22, 2022
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  • Web designing is a process of representing dynamic web content graphically to build a visually appealing website. Majority ofwebseite erstellen berlin commit some common set of mistakes while web-designing. In such a creative field, mistakes are good to take place because errors are the most efficient tool of learning. In fact, mistakes sometimes acts as a milestone in the field of web-designing. But, there are some basic mistakes which almost every web designers used to do while designing a web portal that might let them get down in front of clients. Below, hard-boiled discussion had been done on many key mistakes which every designers should strictly avoid. Lets have a look:

    Avoid unreadable fancy fonts: There are some fonts that can really give a website sophisticated look but are not readable. The intend behind making a web portal is to simply convey the message in the form of content to online prospective visitors. Therefore, a web-designer should avoid the use of tiny and unreadable fonts.

    No to badges: Nobody can deny this fact that badges used to make a look of web portal extremely unprofessional. So, it is quite advisable to place recognition badges basically on "About Us" page to make the look of site clean and professional.

    Complex URL structures: A designer should always avoid complex URL structure. The main intend behind usage of simple and keyword-based URL structure that it increase the chances of online visibility. These type of URL structures mainly helps in improving traffic rate.

    Avoid "drop down" menus: The main reason web designer should say no to drop-down menus is that they might tend to hide information and hereby, confuse readers.

    No to harsh colors: Just think how shameful it feels if user gets irritated after visiting your web portal. Therefore, it is quite advisable not to use harsh contrasting colors in the site which can irritate users eye. A web designer should always pick an eye soothing color scheme.

    Avoid busy and crowded pages: A webdesigner berlin should give special attention towards basis element of web portal named as "White space" or "negative space" - the space empty other than your background design. SO, a professional should avoid busy and crowded pages by providing enough white space between columns, page elements, lines and paragraphs.

    No usage of incorrect Image Formats: Images are the cornerstone of a web portal after content. Therefore, a designer should use right format of image like JPEG, GIF, and PNG. Wrong image file format can result in bad quality or distortion.

    Avoid hard-to-Find Navigation: Hard-to-find navigation should always be avoided because it acts as a problem to visitors in terms of locating. Hereby, a professional design user-friendly navigation for a website.

    Advertising Blended Into Content: It is the most important factor and a designer should always remember to put web content apart from banner ads. This principal applicable especially in case of in-text advertising.

    Above discussed are some common set of mistakes done by almost every web designers and so, a designer should always be careful about all these mistakes while web designing. In fact, it is advisable to avoid above mistakes to get a perfect web portal.

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