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  • Description : We are a CNC Machining Auto Parts Wholesale, how to realize custom CNC parts?


  • We are a CNC Machining Auto Parts Wholesale, how to realize custom CNC parts?

      main process

      Typically, the machining process involves gradually subtracting material from the stock until you get the desired shape. In fact, everything starts with your idea, which is then translated into a CAD design, which is then used to create the program responsible for commanding the CNC machine to cut the part. Here are the most important elements of custom CNC parts:


      This phase is the beginning of converting your concepts into viable components. This can start with a sketch, which is then drawn into a 3D modeling software. In addition to defining its physical appearance, it is also necessary to define the required requirements of the part. These include the type of material you want to use, the manufacturability constraints, and the desired mechanical properties.

      CNC program

      After completing the design, the next step is to create the CNC program. There are many computer-aided manufacturing software available today that can help you create programs for machining operations. Elements in a CNC program are feeds, speeds, tool paths and other machining parameters.


      Cutting tools play an important role in the successful production of custom CNC parts; they are a major player in CNC machining operations. They somehow determine the final quality (dimensional accuracy and surface finish) of the machined part.


      One of the reasons custom CNC parts are so versatile is that they can be finished or polished through a variety of processes. These include surface treatment, superfinishing, coating processes and painting processes.

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