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  • Posted On : May 08, 2020
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  • Description : Today, let's talk about the fin coil characteristics of Xingchang fan:
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  • Today, let's talk about the fin coil characteristics of Xingchang fan:

    1. Made of special aluminum alloy materials with light weight, good seismic strength and high heat exchange efficiency.

    2. High-quality powerful fan with built-in fins for heat dissipation to increase heat dissipation area and speed up heat dissipation.

    3. Air-cooled, energy-saving, environment-friendly, low cost, high efficiency cooling effect.

    4. The models are complete and can be selected.

    The radiator of this series of air-cooled oil coolers is made of aluminum alloy by modern processing technology, which ensures the high reliability and excellent heat dissipation performance of the products.

    The heat sink through which the airflow passes and the internal oil passage through which the hydraulic oil passes are all professionally designed to achieve high efficiency. The selected cooling fan ensures the cooler's excellent characteristics such as efficiency, high reliability and low noise.

    Xingchang fan can quickly and accurately provide customers with high-quality heat sink coils with good quality and low price. Welcome to order.

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