MyWorldGo WoW: Battle for Azeroth's last patch adds some new features

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  • Posted On : May 08, 2020
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  • Description : This is what the latest 8.3 patch introduces for World of Warcraft. The patch is called Visions of N'zoth.


  • The last patch of World of Warcraft is the 8.2.5 update. In a few weeks, players can feel that the long battle between the Horde and the Alliance is about to come to an end. The reason for this result is the emergence of new enemies, the old god fled the prison and intends to corrupt the entire world. To this end, the heroes of the Horde and the Alliance need to fight side by side like the Lich King again to protect Azeroth from infringement.

    This is what the latest 8.3 patch introduces for World of Warcraft. The patch is called Visions of N'zoth. The official website of World of Warcraft and the game community have released PTR demo videos, where players can learn a lot about the new content. The entire video is 18 minutes long. If you watch it carefully, you will know what you should do after the update is complete. If you think it is too troublesome to watch the Cheap WOW Classic Gold video, you can read this guide, our staff summarizes the main new features and gameplay in the 8.3 patch, and other improvements for you.

    Horrific Visions
    This is one of the new challenges introduced after the update of Visions of N'Zoth. It is inspired from Mage in Tower Legion expansion. Players can enter it alone, or they can form teams with up to 4 companions to explore. In Horrific Visions, players will see scenes of corrupted Orgrimmar and Stormwind. Players need to fight N'Zoth's will in these scenes and move as far as possible.
    In order to continuously improve resistance to N'Zoth's will, Deathwing's son Wrathion will help players, and he will give you an upgradeable cloak. Players can collect various materials through repeated challenges, and eventually upgrade the cloak to a legendary item. This will also be the first legendary cloak in World of Warcraft. It is worth noting that the difficulty of this challenge will be automatically adjusted according to the number of teams. Whether you choose single or team to challenge, you can get a comfortable game experience.
    MMOWTS Halloween Event

    New alliance races: Vulpera and Mechagnomes
    If you prefer leveling and interacting with NPCs in various regions, then a new alliance race will definitely meet your needs. In the 8.3 expansion, both the tribe and the alliance gained new alliance races. The reputation of the Horde players in the Vol'Dun faction reaches worship and unlocks specific achievements. Unlocked Vulpera can be used, and this race can be used when creating new characters. The Alliance can also unlock Mechagnomes by completing these missions. They are a group of mechanical gnomes from Mechagon and have strong capabilities in technology.

    Improvement in quality of life and other changes
    The development team also improved the quality of life based on some important issues that players have feedback in the community. The auction house will be overhauled so that beginners who do not trade frequently can use it as quickly as possible. In addition, MMOWTS members also learned on the official website that the development team is conducting research on the Titanforging mechanic that players complained about, and Blizzard will eventually improve it based on the results of the research.

    At this time, we cannot know the specific release date of this update, but you can prepare in advance based on the content we introduced and face the upcoming new challenges. If you feel you are lacking good equipment, then you'd better collect a large amount of WoW Classic Gold and use them to buy the armor parts you need in the auction house. If collecting WoW Classic Gold is too wasteful for you, you can buy WoW Classic Gold directly at the professional third-party game service Classic WOW Gold website - MMOWTS.