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  • "Go Hawks!" is no more. It's replaced by the ever-sloganeering Wilson has created "Let's Ride" for his new fans and teammates in Denver Madden 22 coins. While Wilson's locker room presence was criticized as being irritating over the years The fans love a winner and he's a great choice to bring his winning record and brand new color scheme to his Madden cover, perhaps as a way of implying the series has been given the same treatment as his own.

    After finishing one of the most memorable wideout seasons in NFL history, Ja'Marr Chase has two traits EA enjoys building around for its Madden cover art: a high-upside athlete and a player who's yet to achieved their figurative ceiling. While as impressive as Chase was in his last season, his 2022 debut will be better as Cincy's revamped offensive line could give Chase more time to build exciting plays alongside his young QB.

    It's hard to overstate how electric Josh Allen was in his final game in 2021. He was a near perfect player in his battle with Patrick Mahomes in an overtime game, where fans were ecstatically calling off because the rules didn't allow Allen an opportunity to respond to the Chiefs' first-drive touchdown to stop an entire game OT. Allen is expected to enter 2022 with an uneasy feeling on his shoulders and EA might like advertising the game this way. "Take it," "Prove yourself." The company is a fan of slogans, and something like this would suit an Allen-led marketing campaign.

    Another avenue EA might consider as a cover star is certainly, one of stars of the team that will defend its championship this fall. Aaron Donald has somehow never been featured on the Madden cover before despite being the best defensive player on the field for nearly 10 years. Are we in the midst of a new season? Donald mulled retirement this offseason, meaning the 2022 season may be his final on the field. It will also be his first on the Madden cover.

    Everyone loves a quarterback. EA is so fond of them that they put not just only two quarterbacks as the covers of Madden 22. Both had been featured in the Madden cover in the past. For Madden 23 it is if EA would like to highlight the next generation of quarterbacks buy Mut 22 coins, like it has in recent years (Brady in particular), Burrow is as the right choice as any. He's a flashy player in the sense that EA