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  • Posted On : Jul 02, 2022
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  • Description : Was requested to create about the word 'Beautiful' for Heavenly Light's Psychic Development


  • Was requested to create about the word 'Beautiful' for Heavenly Light's Psychic Development Class and felt led to post my thoughts to Ezine. I have an atmosphere several require to listen to these words. Always discover how specific and beautiful you are.

    My virtue for the class was Lovely and I was got by it thinking. What is beauty? Can it be what you sense? Can it be what you do? Does it determine an individual?

    In that age we are therefore focused on beauty in the sense of the physical. I wonder exactly how many can stay facing a reflection and see the wholesale beauty products they possess - they true beauty, beyond the bodily and the self-talk of 'I'm fat', 'I'm small', 'I'm thin' ;.Would they see their unique immortality, that their human anatomy is just a finite shell that the actual beauty is held within? Would they see they are the Creator of their very own life - both Lord and Goddess, perfect, full and very beautiful atlanta divorce attorneys sense of the word. That they are magic, a full time income spectrum of shade and lighting, here to create and distribute the love of the Divine.

    In my experience, beauty is recognising and aligning with the Heavenly in all, including our self. As I remain here, I notice it in natural leaves of the woods while they reveal their beautiful shadows against the window. I notice it in the cloud-filled sky, which even though for some may look gloomy, is lively and awe-inspiring. I see beauty in watching my Cats perform and in the audio I'm listening to. In the event that you center is ready and willing to be open, beauty truly are available in everything.