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  • Description : Do varicose veins plague you? What doctor treats varicose veins? Are you worried that something else may be happening in your head that may affect your overall health?


  • Do varicose veins plague you? What doctor treats varicose veins? Are you worried that something else may be happening in your head that may affect your overall health?

    Whether you want to get rid of those varicose veins or vascular issues or because they’re ruining your social life. If you are worried about a health issue, you may need a vein specialist.




    What Exactly Is a Vein Specialist?

    What kind of doctor specializes in veins? A medical doctor diagnoses, treat and manages conditions of veins and arteries. They also take care of venous insufficiency, an underlying condition of varicose veins.

    Veins specialists have intensive training and certification in vascular surgery, interventional cardiology, or radiology. When you are looking for a vein specialist, you will find that there are three different kinds:

    • Vascular Surgeon
    • Phlebologist
    • Vein Specialist


    Vascular Surgeons

    Vascular surgeons undergo intensive training to manage vascular diseases, both arterial and venous. Moreover, during their specialization, vascular surgeons undergo extensively rigorous training in diagnosing and managing surgical disease, including minimally invasive techniques. What Should You Consider Before Choosing a Vascular Surgeon? You may need not a vascular surgeon. Minimally invasive removal techniques have altered vascular surgery as the main objective of varicose vein removal. 





    Phlebologists come from various backgrounds, including General Surgery, rehabilitation of diseases of the veins, Internal medicine, Pain management Cardiology And vascular surgery. Generally, phlebologists treat: 

    • Varicose veins and Vein inflammation 
    • Thrombotic conditions such as deep vein thrombosis
    • Sclerotherapy of spider veins(mixed-up)
    • Leg ulcer therapy 
    • Venous and skin changes caused by chronic venous insufficiency


    Vein Specialist

    Veins doctors like phlebologists always seek out vein specialists to be part of their team. 

    Vein specialists are ABMS board-certified in one of the three specialties: Invasive cardiology, interventional radiology, and vascular surgery. Vein Specialist demonstrated to be the highest level of vascular disease management. And the modern varicose vein treatment no longer needs surgery.

    Others specialists:

    Cardiologists: cardiologists focus on treating vascular diseases of the heart, although a few also treat peripheral arterial disease.

    Neurologists: A specialist treats a vascular disease that may affect your brain.

    Nephrologists: Doctor who treats a vascular disease that affects the kidneys.

    Radiologists: The consultant, who interprets images and digital scans (CT, MRI, ultrasound, angiography), are used to identify vascular disease. However, some radiologists perform the procedure to treat diseased blood vessels.

    What Can You Expect at Your First Varicose Vein Consultation?

    • An evaluation process and digital scanning involve ultrasound.
    • Presentation of diagnosis consists in planning for the whole procedure. 
    • Treatment plans – Selection of the surgical or non-surgical procedure.
    • Explanation of the procedure recommendation
    • Insurance explanation: most insurance companies have a full-wave policy for treating varicose veins and other problems. 


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