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  • A kids room is a wonderful living space where your small ones are gonna thrive, learn and play. They would be a lot of time in their bedroom. So, it should be a space that should reflect their personality and have a positive impact on their thought process. For parents, it’s of utmost importance to keep their child’s room cheerful, vibrant, organized. The major concern is looking for ideas that should be within the budget but at the same time have a serious style impact . If you’re looking forward to decorate your child’s room with the latest décor ideas on budget, you have come at the right place!

    To ease out your problem, Life n Colors experts have curated a kids room décor guide. We, here at Life N Colors, are one of the most respected wall and floor stylist and home decor products firm in the town! We specialize in latest imported wallpapers for wall in Gurgaon, best kids room wallpapers in Gurgaon, Delhi and Latest 3D wallpapers for walls in Gurgaon. Read on to know some of the trendy kids room décor ideas that are stylish and perfectly fit into your budget.
     Colourful Walls
    The first thing that catches the attention are the wallpaper kids. So, when talking about kids room, the walls should never be neglected. In fact, you should choose vibrant colors for the walls that help brighten the space and the moods of the children.
    You can also create a chalkboard or a magnetic wall using chalkboard or magnetic paint or a hanging board. This can be a good way for children to learn, draw and play and is quite economical as well.
     Wall Stickers/Wallpapers 
    Wall stickers or wallpapers are one of the most popular and easiest ways to decorate kids room these days. These days markets are full of variety of latest kids room wallpapers ranging from cartoon characters to geometrical shapes, 3D wallpapers and many more. Wildlife themed and animal wallpapers are an all-time fun, challenging and never boring and simultaneously enhancing their knowledge about wildlife. With cartoon themed or best wallpaper brand in india, children will find themselves submerged in their fantasy world. To add some feminine touch, you can also use striped and polka palette theme. Baby Clouds and Moon Wallpapers also create a lovely aura in kids room. We provide you with the best kids room wallpapers in the city.
     Funky Furniture
    In kids room, the furniture also needs to be as colourful and vibrant as the walls. You can experiment a lot with the furniture for a kids room. For beds, you can go for bunk beds with extra storage and or twin beds, they also save a lot of space and give a trendy look at the same time.
    Also the beds can be given a new look by building a canopy over them. Contrasting lounge chairs, study table and storage spaces give a stylish look to the room décor. It can be made budget-friendly by reusing old furniture. You just need to show some creativity using some paint, stickers and stencils And voila! You get a stylish and funky furniture for your child’s room. Read More
     Creative Wall Décor 
    You can show some creativity on the walls too. If your child is interested in reading books, you can install book shelves and make a library wall in the room, or if he/she is interested in travel and the world, you can put up a world map and contrasting décor items.
    Or if your child is into painting, drawing and other creative stuff, you may even use their own paintings and craft-work to decorate the room. You can also give a unique look to the room with some funky wall storage ideas. The ceilings can also be given special effects by using glow in the dark stickers and hangings.