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    Video game developer Jagex is most likely to be famous for its massive Runescape series, but a lot of people are unaware that the studio is expanding its services to encompass publishing as well as even tabletop gaming.

    Jagex recently announced it had reached an agreement with indie producer Outlier Games to publish the debut game by the studio, the spaceship management roguelike This Means Warp. The game is set to be released for PC via Steam Early Access on March 17.

    Created with replayability and multiplayer in mind, this Means Warp encourages players to cooperate and think tactically in intense, live-time space battles. employ shrewd strategies to navigate their spacecraft through a hostile, procedurally generated universe.

    Based on roguelikes, such as FTL and party games like Overcooked It Means Warp sees players control crew members on board the ship, operating various devices, shooting weapons, making repairs, ultimately mapping out a path through the dark and dangerous space.

    For more OSRS GP information about Jagex's publishing This Means Warp, we called Outlier Games' founders Paul Froggatt and Matt Rathbun and Lead Product Manager for Jagex Robert Fox-Galassi to get their thoughts regarding this latest collaboration.