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  • We have learned so much about forming better habits while staying at home during the pandemic. However, there are so many things that we still don’t understand about oral hygiene. For instance, why do some people develop cavities even after brushing twice a day? What are the reasons for cavity formation? What time should we brush our teeth? In this article, we will try to cover some advice provided by the best dentist in Overland Park.

    Why do cavities form?

    You probably know that the food we eat leads to a buildup of plaque in our mouth. This plaque accumulates at multiple places in the mouth. At the same time, the plaque gets digested by bacteria that inhabit the mouth. These bacteria digest the plaque and produce acid as a byproduct. Once the acid is released, it can start reacting with minerals present in the teeth. This is how cavities form.

    It takes a time of approximately 1 hour for your mouth to return to normal pH. If you keep consuming food, again and again, the restoration process keeps on continuing the same way all the time.

    What can you do to remineralize the teeth?

    Saliva is naturally basic and helps neutralize the acid formed on the teeth. You can try to neutralize the acid present in the mouth by using acid-action toothpaste. Fluoride products like mouthwash, toothpaste, water, etc. can also be used to effectively counter the acid produced in the mouth.

    Best time to brush teeth

    It is important to brush two times a day. But it’s more important to brush at a particular time of the day. Brushing your teeth is the first thing you should do in the morning. This is because bacteria build-up is at its peak during the night. Brushing in the morning helps in reducing the amount of acid that will be created when you take breakfast. Similarly, brushing before going to bed can help reduce the amount of acid that will be formed in the mouth. You can visit a reputable affordable Dentist in Lenexa to find out a solution to these problems.

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