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  • Posted On : Aug 03, 2022
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  • Description : Dr. Stavros Economou is a reputed and certified surgeon. He is known for performing effective and successful vaser liposuction Limassol surgeries. He is also known to have extensive knowledge, years of experience, and expertise in this field of work.


  • Body fat can restrict you from doing many things. For example, fitting into your favorite clothes, running without being exhausted, and so on. Many people use diligent ways to lose weight. But in the end, the results do not satisfy them. In such situations, people can choose a better alternative, i.e., a medical treatment. People can choose any treatment like liposuction Larnaca and fat transfer.

    If you want such treatments in Cyprus, Limassol, etc., you can find someone like Dr. Stavros Economou. Doctors like him know how to make you feel comfortable and confident with your face and body. They help you get the required changes. Here are a few reasons to get liposuction with Dr. Stavros Economou.

    Safe treatment:

    Liposuction is a process where specialized canulas (about 2mm) enter your body through tiny entry points. These canulas suck the fat from your body. People might think that the use of canulas in liposuction Nicosia could be dangerous. But doctors like Dr. Stavros Economou take care of everything. They complete the treatment most safely. They use clean and sterile canulas. There are no chances that you will get infected after the treatment. Hence, choosing such doctors for the treatment is a smart decision.

    Slimmer results:

    There are many treatment options available where you can get a slimmer body. But getting rid of fat stands out the most. Treatments like liposuction are more successful compared to fat transfer. But before getting this treatment, one should make sure that the doctor can conduct the treatment well. Otherwise, negative results can appear. However, patients do not need to worry with doctors like Dr. Stavros Economou. Such doctors have conducted many liposuction treatments. They know about dos and don’ts well. As a result, you getting a slimmer body is for sure.


    Have you ever said your favorite dress goodbye only because you no longer fit into it? Or ever decided not to buy a dress because it would look better on slimmer bodies? We all know how miserable it feels in such situations. So, with the help of Vaser lipo Cyprus, you can get into a good body shape. You can visit doctors like Dr. Stavros Economou. Such doctors will help you with the treatment. And after a few sessions, you will get confident results. So, no more saying goodbye to a pretty outfit only because of body weight.

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