MyWorldGo Development Trend of Tailings Thickening Equipment

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  • Posted On : Oct 31, 2018
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  • Description : The system supporting technology of tailings concentrating equipment is unique, stable and reliable.


  • The system supporting technology of tailings concentrating equipment is unique, stable and reliable. It combines dynamic and static flocculation reactions, making full use of the drug, and operating costs are much lower than similar products. Different types of tailings dewatering equipment, combined with other mining equipment, to build a complete mine production line, not only saves costs, but also adjusts the structure, creating a more flexible economic development. For the gravel industry, the role of tailings Thickening Equipment is becoming increasingly important.

    The technological development of the tailings dewatering equipment industry has led to a leap in processing technology, especially dry silt aggregates processed by tailings dewatering equipment. The particle type, yield and aggregate quality all reach high quality mortar bone.

    The classification of the concentrators can be determined by the transmission mode, the central transmission type, and the peripheral transmission type, and the peripheral transmission types can be classified into two types according to the transmission mode: roll transmission and rack transmission. nsRelphi type. Some manufacturers have increased the shape of the concentrator, changing the traditional cylindrical cone shape, increasing the abrasive speed of the particles and improving the processing capacity. The high-efficiency thickener has a multi-arm truss device to ensure a concentration zone with high efficiency and sufficient concentration. In the concentration zone, the truss provides good results for subsequent dewatering.

    Concentrated magnetic separators are generally used to concentrate mineral enrichment at low concentrations during beneficiation. This equipment can effectively reduce the cost of grinding. At the same time, the concentration magnetic separator has a high recovery rate during the beneficiation process. The required concentrating area should be determined according to production test or simulation test, and the appropriate concentrator should be selected.

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