MyWorldGo Brand new Tracy McGrady NBA 2K20 Galaxy Opal card officially landed in NBA 2K20

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  • Posted On : Jun 08, 2020
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  • Tracy McGrady NBA 2K20 Galaxy Opal card appeared in this NBA 2K20 MyTeam spree. This card has dreadful powerful attributes and badges, and he also has the ability that ordinary player cards do not have. But the McGrady Galaxy Opal card also requires players to spend lots of NBA 2K20 MT to get it. It is not the first time players have seen McGrady’s super player card appear in the game. In the alternative version of Flash Pack 7, besides McGrady, there are many other amazing player cards.

    The new Tracy McGrady NBA 2K20 Galaxy Opal card allows McGrady to assume the role of PG. His outside score is as high as 98 points, sports ability score is as high as 96 points, 95 points defensive ability is also good. The new Medica also has 53 Hall of Fame badges and 12 gold badges.

    Officials claim that players can choose 5 player cards from Flash Pack 7 by spending 7500 VC or 10500 MT. By opening these gift packs, players will get these super powerful player cards and some useful prop items. Players need to know that they must use it within a week after purchase or it will be invalid. Players with minor items like sneakers get them.

    Players can also shoot these powerful player cards directly by auctioning each other on the premise of sufficient 2K20 MT or 2K21 MT. Players who are limited by their economic strength should choose cheap agents to Buy NBA 2K20 MT or Buy NBA 2K21 MT. The Cheap NBA 2K20 MT which the agent sells will save players a lot of money. Hurry up and join NBA 2K for fun!