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  • Posted On : Aug 09, 2022
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  • Description : Pushp Masala is the ultimate gateway for the people of India, who want to try Indori-flavoured foods by sitting in the comfort of their own homes without sacrificing the taste.
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  • Introduction 

    Without masalas, no cuisine is regarded as a "Complete food." In Indian cooking, masalas are essential ingredients. The term "masala powder" or "masala" refers to a mixture of one or more spices. Since ancient times, Indian masalas have been utilised to heal illnesses in addition to being used in Indian food.

    India is well known for its authentic food and the flavorful richness they bring out with each bite, which can transcend a person to another world. Have you wondered what makes Indian food so flavourful? The answer to it is the usage of various masalas or spices. Experimentation with various types of masala mixture engages our taste buds and therefore one can relish these astounding flavours. 

    Pushp Masala is the ultimate gateway for the people of India, who want to try Indori-flavoured foods by sitting in the comfort of their own homes without sacrificing the taste. 

    The origin of Pushp 

    Pushp is a Hindi word that denotes the sense of assurance to delicate flavour and unsurpassed quality. There lies a very generous idea behind the processing of this masala. The founder wanted to minimise the workload of people working in the kitchen, so they came up with the idea of pre-grounded spice mixes to help them with cooking authentic food without compromising the taste and flavours. They did not use any artificial colours in their products. The spices used for this masala mix were grounded by culinary experts. Adding Pushp Masala to any dish can elevate it, to the next level.


    Varieties of Pushp Masala: 

    The freshly grounded spice mix, comes in a variety of flavours that blends in aptly with your food giving a touch of Indori delicacy. Some of the products that go well with your food are 

    1. Briyani Masala: 

    If you want to try something authentic biriyanis, then order Shahi biryani masala or veg-biryani masala that provides a fresh indori aroma and you can relish the indori flavours in your homemade biryani.

    Pushp Biryani Masala


    1. Masala used in day-to-day life: 

    Garam Masala powder, Kashmiri Mirch powder, Pushp shahi hing, cumin powder, black pepper, turmeric, and coriander powder are something that would spice up your day-to-day food, leaving the imprint of indori delicacy.


    1. Masala to spice up the mood: 

    If you want to spice up your mood with some flavorful street food blasts, you can try products like Pushp pav bhaji masala, chana masala, chat masala, paneer masala, raw mango powder, sambar masala, and many more. 

    Other flavorful Spices: 

    Apart from the mentioned spices Indore. online is best known for its variety of Indore spices or masala products that they deliver all over India and leave a good impression of authentic Indori foods in the heart of every Indian. 

    Indians love pickles, especially homemade ones. The mixture of spices in the homemade version gives an exquisite flavorful blast in the mouth. But to make the preparation of pickles easier, you can just order achar masala from the online store. 

    Masala Buttermilk also known as chaos is a summer drink, that appeases the soul. All you have to do is mix up your favourite spices in the yoghurt, add some water and ice, and then mix it well. Voila, you get your desired cold summer drink. Indore. online provides a spice mixture specifically for this soulful drink. Buy some doodh masala from Indore. online, mix it in your drink and take in the liquid delicacy. Masala Buttermilk>> 


    Ordering spice mixture products from ensures that you are getting freshly grounded spice mixtures without compromising Indoor's quality and authentic flavours.