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  • Even though planning a wedding may seem exciting, it can easily turn into a stressful process. Finding a cost-effective caterer isn't always easy, even once you've decided on the location, the décor, and the guest list. Several couples' experiences have taught us that the overall expenditures of catering are almost always higher than we had anticipated.

    We might assume that since you are reading this site, you are looking for some straightforward advice that will enable you to cut costs on your wedding catering while presenting something special, delectable, and memorable. If this is the case, keep reading because we have some smart suggestions from experts on how to cut costs on wedding catering.

    Bigflavours provides the best wedding catering in Melbourne .

    1. Select a reasonable dining establishment with a suitable menu.

    Your catering costs will be influenced by the type of food service and menu you select for your wedding. You can choose from a variety of meal services, including plated sit-down, buffet, canapés, barbecue, and more. It is now up to you to select the best menu from these providers to guarantee that the food is both affordable and delectable.

    Plated sit-down options are thought to be the most complicated of all food services due to the extra work required by the caterer. Comparatively speaking, a buffet is a less expensive alternative because you may offer a variety that each guest can select from.

    1. Pay attention to what is contained and what is absent.

    Make sure you are aware of everything that is and is not included in the catering package you choose for your wedding. The caterer will present you with a larger bill in addition to the food. You should be prepared for the possibility that additional costs will be added to your bill.

    1. Establish strict bar timings

    We are all aware that alcoholic beverages can increase the expense of your wedding catering. The most cost-effective choice is to forgo a bar, but if you absolutely must have one for your wedding, the best and wisest answer is to restrict the hours that alcohol is offered. Once supper is served, you can choose to close the bar and reopen it when dancing begins. In this manner, you will save a great deal of money and the visitors won't be let down.


    1. Reduce your guest list.

    It is advised to reduce your guest list when on a restricted budget. On your special day, only those who are truly close to you and whose presence would make you joyful should be invited. Make a list of your family members, including your parents and siblings. List only the important people. The goal is to have a wedding that is enjoyable rather than a crowded event. A smaller guest list would enable you to offer each of your loved ones your full attention. Additionally, reducing your guest list would have a big impact on your catering expenses.


    1. Request menu substitutions based on your preferences and needs

    There may be one or more items in a meal package that you do not want; in that case, ask the caterer to substitute something else that is delicious and more affordable. For instance, if your package includes a wedding cake but you prefer to serve a dessert that doesn't require slicing, you can ask the caterer to waive the cost of slicing.

    1. Pick a reputable and experienced caterer

    The greatest approach to save money is to choose the caterer with the best reputation. Even on a tight budget, their experience and expertise will turn your event into a big success.

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