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  • Description : Technological developments and innovations are prevalent in the field of agriculture and irrigation. Therefore, a wide variety of irrigation systems in New Zealand have become available.


  • Technological developments and innovations are prevalent in the field of agriculture and irrigation. Therefore, a wide variety of irrigation systems in New Zealand have become available.


    Irrigation systems can be categorised into surface irrigation and drip irrigation. Overhead irrigation covers the field, however water wastage in this method is a point of concern. Therefore, a water saving method called drip irrigation system is facilitated for water tank NewZelandIn this article, a detailed description of the drip irrigation system, its components andbenefits are provided.


    Over recent years, there has been increased demand forsaving water and using energy efficient irrigation systems in New Zealand. The drip irrigation system is the best suited technique for rendering controlled, efficient irrigation.


    Drip irrigation systems deliver water and nutrients in a controlled manner and in the right amount. Production of higher yields with less water has been made possible with this innovative technique.


    In this irrigation system, drip emitters are used to release a slow and even supplyof water.  These drip emitters are extremely small in size and are arranged in a row fashion near the roots of the plants. These emitters are connected with the help of a pipethat delivers the water supply. 


    The dripper units can be used to deliver water and fertiliser. Uniform distribution is the reason behind higher return on investment usingthis method of irrigation. Below is a list of benefits that make Irrigation System the preferred choice.


    • Water saving: Drip irrigation system emits a very small amount of water directly to the areas where it’s needed. Therefore, the risk of runoff and evaporation is zero in this method.
    • Cost saving: The zero wastage solution of irrigation is also budget friendly. The smaller size of emitters can work at low pressure and result in an energy efficient system.
    • No leaching: Higher crop protection is assured in the drip irrigation system with efficient use of fertilisers.
    • Ample nutrient supply: The problems fromrunoff are diminished withthis slow releasing irrigation system, thus crops can have higher water and nutrient supply.
    • Disease protection: The irrigation method only works on the roots of the plants, hence the foliage remains dry and protected against any kind of fungal disease.
    • Higher yield: This method reduces reliance on weather and offers greater stability and higher yield production.


    Is drip irrigation system expensive?

    Drip irrigation systems are a suitable investment to reduce the impact of climate extremities. If you calculate the return on investment, the highly efficient method of irrigation is cost effective as compared to other popular methods of irrigation.

    The drip irrigation system increases crop protection and also offers the benefit of water saving and energy efficiency. In a short period of time, you can enjoy increased savings and financial freedom. Thus, it can be said that the higher water use efficiency facilitated by this irrigation system is definitely budget friendly and offers an effective solution for everyone.


    Drip irrigation systems are suitable for all sizes of fields and various soil types. More information about the components and the price of drip irrigation systems in New Zealand can be found on the link given below.