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  • Posted On : Jun 22, 2020
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  • Description : First, the cordless paint sprayer construction is about 10 times more efficient than the traditional manual roller brush


  • First, the cordless paint sprayer construction is about 10 times more efficient than the traditional manual roller brush, and the construction efficiency is high; second, the airless spray under high pressure will atomize the paint into fine particles, evenly distributed on the wall surface , Forming a smooth, smooth and dense coating on the wall to obtain a high-quality wall coating quality unmatched by traditional methods such as brushing; the third coating particles penetrate into the wall body under high pressure, enhancing the coating The mechanical engagement force of the particles and the wall, the coating is denser, and the service life of the coating is longer; fourth, compared with brushing and roller coating, airless spraying does not require dipping during construction, and there will be no dripping first. In order to avoid paint waste; what is more different from traditional air spraying is that airless spraying is atomizing paint instead of atomizing air, so it will not cause the paint to fly around and pollute the environment and cause waste.

    In the process of using the electric paint sprayer, more than 90% of the faults encountered by the user are caused by the incomplete cleaning of the sprayer after use, improper maintenance, or normal wear and tear of the parts. Therefore, the correct use of equipment and maintenance training is very important.