MyWorldGo This was their second consecutive loss to MAVERICKS

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  • Description : Average 19 points, with a hit rates as high as 50% data. Having such a terrifying ability is the reason he earns the most lucrative salary.But in the Warriors most recent games Wiggins has returned to his old work rate which was 13.6 points per match, while shooting 40 % at the line as well as 35.6 percent from the 3-point line. Not as great as a player who is a substitute, because the second core of the team, is totally unqualified.Why is it that his recent performance has not been as great. If Wiggins is looking to become an experienced second-core player, it is necessary to make some tactical strategies, however, the coaching staff has not yet provided him such treatment.


  • Gorgeous fashion sense, retro inclination The 22-year-old Morant has a bright future.Tyrese Maxi: 84 OVR (+3)After Harden joined the 76ers the team, many believed that Maxie might have lower ball distribution and play some unimportant roles, but through the last few games, everyone was aware of the mistake. Maxey has become the team's third star 2K23 MT. In the last couple of games, Maxey has averaged 26.8 points, 4.3 rebounds, and 3.3 assists, while making 64.9 percent on the floor along with 70.0 percentage from the three-point range.For more NBA 2K information, please follow

    NBA player Andrew Wiggins' latest rating in NBA 2K23 is 85. In the June, 2K23 had also unveiled an player card with a score of 85 points about Wiggins. In this player card, his Shot IQ is 95 , however, from his judgement of the state of the game recently, this rating is somewhat high.After being defeated by TIMBERWOLVES the Warriors fell to MAVERICKS in the most recent game.

    This was their second consecutive loss to MAVERICKS. Curry was interviewed about Wiggins in the post-game press conference. Although the verbal expression is an exaggeration, the fact remains the same. There is a sense of disappointment for him.What kind do you think of Andrew Wiggins?

    As the top. number one selection in 2014's Draft, Wiggins' physical talent is unmatched, his explosiveness is impressive and his jumping power is unbeatable. However, he also has strong capability to fight and is flexible, allowing him to complete layups or dunks that require a lot of effort against the big center at the basket. When he is focused on attacking and breaking through, opponents are often thrown away by Wiggins in the first step. At the time, people had high expectations for him and believed that he would become a player like LeBron.

    But it's quite differs from LeBron. Wiggins is a player that doesn't have the desire to win. In the beginning of his time joining the Warriors playing baseball, it's similar to working hard and then taking a break. But when he's serious, this is a scary. If the player is willing to put all his effort into offense it's likely that he'll score at most 28 points per game, but he's also taking care of Buy NBA 2K23 MT defense at the same time, and he can still score in a short time with only 14 shots.