MyWorldGo Rocket League will release on the Epic Store later

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  • Posted On : Jun 28, 2020
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  • Description : Rocket League will release on the Epic Store later


  • Before any of my fellow Rocket League Trading gamers panic: This could now not suggest Rocket League is leaving Steam, in which its complete PC playerbase presently lives. In the fast time length, no longer some thing is changing, and Rocket League remains to be had for purchase on Steam.

    The long time picture is a chunk unique, however although nothing to panic over proper now. Rocket League will release on the Epic Store later this 12 months, and after that, "it's going to stay supported on Steam for all contemporary customers." The wording there suggests that, sooner or later, novices to Rocket League could have to shop for it thru the Epic Store, however us Steam humans can stay placed. (Note: As consistent with the replace above, it may truely stay sold on Steam indefinitely—it's now not smooth however.)

    If Rocket League have been to stop Steam income but continue to be supported there, I surprise how Valve might enjoy about that deal. Valve might keep to make cash from present Steam gamers who spend money within Rocket League—purchasing for keys for the premium Rocket Passes, for example—however it might however be a weird state of affairs. We'll must be patient how that develops.

    It isn't continually stated in the press release, but we are able to moreover assume Epic's bypass-platform buddies and matchmaking machine to be implemented so that Steam gamers can play with Epic Store gamers, along with all the console gamers we are able to already play with.