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  • Posted By : will Joe
  • Posted On : Sep 08, 2022
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  • Category : Technology
  • Description : Microsoft Exchange Online provides the advantages of a cloud-based email service with the same features, capabilities and customization options of an on-premises server deployment. Simply put, Microsoft will store, manage, and secure your businesses email for a fixed monthly cost


  • Here's a list of the main benefits of migrating from an on-premise Exchange 2010 to office 365:

    Easy access from anywhere. With Exchange Online, everyone can access their email from anywhere, on any device. Each user can easily configure a smartphone or tablet and access email with any of her web browsers, so no VPNs or fixed devices are required. If you don't like the "web client" you can use the MS Outlook client which is natively available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

    In-Place Archive. The Archive Mailbox feature allows each user to archive old email messages to a dedicated mailbox that works just like their primary mailbox and has all the built-in features (including full-text search).
    Real-time collaboration with native MS Teams, MS Calendar, and Office 365 Groups integration.

    Anti-SPAM. All email received by Exchange Online passes through multiple spam filters to prevent malicious email attachments (Trojan horses) and social engineering threats (phishing). Customize filters to allow specific partners, safe/unsafe IP addresses, content filtering, and more. Many third-party solutions are available for enhanced security. such as Mimecast, 365 Threat Monitor by Hornet Security, etc.

    Security. Exchange Online has 24/7 automated protections and dedicated staff to protect hardware and software infrastructure components from emerging threats and vulnerabilities. Customer-facing patching is automatic and maintenance is always up-to-date.

    We hope this advice helps other system administrators make smart decisions about whether to keep their existing on-premises MS Exchange Server solution or move to office365.
    Apps4rent will help you to migrate from Exchange to office 365 with complete data security.