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  • Description : This kid is also very stupid,Wheel tape measure, and my target now is his father. Make a match for Dad. "Actually, my dad is very good." A mask says again, in the eye suddenly appear melancholy: "It's just that he has no one to take care of the one who appears beside him.".


  • Give him a chance to look at Yan Lei, he has come over, he looked at Amy, his eyes, it seems that only Amy, he squatted down beside Amy, hand up Ai. Amy, please give me a chance. If there is no chance, how do you know how deep my heart is? Amy looked at him with mixed feelings of surprise and joy. During the time when I had eye problems, I seemed to have lost a lot and forgot something. When Yan Lei said this, he glanced at me intentionally or unintentionally. Then: "But I remember clearly, you never abandon me, so I will love you with my heart." Amy looked at her, incredibly happy and moved. I can't bear to look at Yan Lei's expression again, and I dare not look at it, but I pray in my heart that there will be no more complications. Amy, give me a chance to forgive my rejection of you before, will you? Yan Lei seemed to say affectionately, "I just look forward to it in my heart, which is true.". Tell yourself over and over again that this is the truth. Yan Lei, he is so strange that I don't know him. He is lying, but I dare not admit that it is a lie, because it is caused by me, and I have to help him round the lie. As he said,tape measure clip, he was going to get married anyway, and the most suitable person was Amy. Amy, don't you know who Yan Lei is? I continued, "If that's what you think, why didn't he agree before?"? Do you think since. Is the person you love such a hypocritical person? Amy was stunned by my question and obviously didn't know how to answer. Amy, give me a chance, a chance to show off, okay? Yan Lei eyes as sincere as possible, Amy has been happy to forget to breathe. In the heart,Diameter tape measure, the pain of a knife. I can not pain, the face is a faint smile of blessing. Amy finally nodded in the eyes of Yan Lei's hope, and with that gentle touch, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. The most beautiful voice in the world "Wedding March" once again the rules of the ring, I was almost moved to tears, I hold Amy, steady forward. There are three appreciative eyes, Hexuan and Yan Hongji, there is one, impressively Yan Lei's best man, slightly confused in the heart, but not much to think about. Miss Amy, will you marry Mr. Yan Lei and swear to love him all your life, whether she is poor, rich, healthy or sick? The gentle voice of the priest rang out. Get up. Amy was so shy, with tears in her eyes, fish measuring tape ,horse weight tape, that she said with certainty, "I do!" Everyone was relieved, including me. I do, I do. It turns out to be the most beautiful voice in the world. Out of the church, back to the courtyard of the Yan family, the wedding is a buffet meal, a group of unmarried girls around Amy, trying to pick up the bouquet in her hand. I sat far away, laughing and watching them frolic. I was like a flying goose in the dark, not daring to approach the beautiful light. Thank you Absence is between, behind came the voice of Yan Hongji, I look back, see a cover is standing not far away, do not have deep meaning looking at me. I breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that I was more and more sure about the bet with Ami. Not only was it a cover, but even Yan Hongji, who was close to me, looked at me with new eyes. I saw a completely different closeness to me in his eyes, and I knew I had taken the first step. Startled, frightened by his own thoughts. Just a variety of actions, in the end is for Yan Lei and Amy, or to make Yan Hongji sit up and take notice of me. Or both? Feeling upset, I only said lightly: "This is nothing, they are my good friends." Yan Hongji shook his glass and sat down beside me without making a sound. It was a long time before he said, "I was wrong about you." I was puzzled and looked at him. He looked at me and said seriously, "I heard Yan Lei's mother told me about you during my business trip abroad. I thought you were a woman with a bad heart." Man, today, I know how ridiculously wrong my previous ideas are. Let's make do with my father. He always thought I was a bad woman. But he never showed the slightest dislike for me. Is this man too good at hiding? Hide it, or am I not deep enough to see it? Frustrated in my heart, I buried my head decadently. "If I have a chance, I'll invite you to my house for dinner and thank you very much." Yan Hongji said. Sister Xiaoyi. Before I could answer, Ah Bao came over. He looked at me unnaturally and said, "Yes, you go. We have a lot of food in our house." You know, my family is very rich. I chuckled and looked at the two fathers and sons with beautiful smiling faces, and I had no reason to relax. I closed my eyes and looked up and took a deep breath. I felt that the world was really beautiful. OK Fine! As long as you're not afraid I can eat. When I opened my eyes again, I had put on my special smile, which was impeccable. Wait and see! Yan Hongji smiled. As soon as I looked back, I saw that Yan Lei and Amy, who were standing together and talking intimately, also cast their eyes on me. Yes, it seems that he is a great man and has done a great thing. Dad, will you go and get me a piece of cake? Cover suddenly said to Yan Hongji, Yan Hongji looked at him suspiciously, cover busy said: "Dad took the cake." It's the best. Dad, go and get it for me. Yan Hongji shook his head helplessly and went over there. Sister Xiaoyi, what do you think of my father? Cover secretly close to me, carefully asked. I imitated his careful voice and said, "Why do you ask this?" He says mysteriously: "Tell you, my father still does not have a girlfriend." I was amused, but I pretended to be surprised and nodded. "Really?" "Yes." A mask proudly raised a smiling face, as if great: "I observed, you do not have a boyfriend, it is better, you and my father will be one." Let's go. I looked at the mysterious appearance of the mask and almost turned up my nose. This kid is also very stupid,Wheel tape measure, and my target now is his father. Make a match for Dad. "Actually, my dad is very good." A mask says again, in the eye suddenly appear melancholy: "It's just that he has no one to take care of the one who appears beside him.".