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    JSON  is a way of storing and exchanging data. The syntax is text and which is easily understandable and makes it quite uncomplicated like the rest of the data exchanging formats. As JSON is text, any JavaScript object can easily be converted into JSON and sent to the server. It uses serializable values which can be key/value pairs and array data types etc.


    This formatador json online helps you to correct your mistakes and view your collection of information in a tree structure. The data needs to be in text format when being exchanged with the browser and because it is text, any JavaScript sent to a server can be converted to it and any JSON received can be reconstructed to JavaScript because it is based on JavaScript syntax.


    JSON Formatter and Validator


    JSON formatter and validator not only lets you fix any errors in the JSON format, but this astonishing tool will help you validate it as well. Does it contain the correct structure or do you need to update it?




    Easy to validate the structure of your JSON format and also if your JSON schema can be easily validated if your file has it. The JSON schema adds more information and defines your objects better which is why it is considered a good practice.


    Minifier and Beautifier


    Our formatter will automatically load your file in the tree view and make it readable for you. You don’t need to install any third-party app for this purpose. You can also minify your code to lessen the size of the file by compressing JSON data which can be reconverted to tree view at any time for a modification.


    How to Use Online JSON Formatter?


    JSON data format checker, validator, formatter is a tools to help you make changes to your code. You can take care of your mistakes or use this tool to practice your JSON code. This online format will help you minify and beautify the code at the click of a button. It is vital for websites to load data fast without delaying page rendering, which is why this format is becoming popular.


    This is where you will be practicing your code or viewing and editing it if you already have it saved on your storage device. When you have entered the code you can process it to get the final look with a few more options to choose from as shown in the picture:
    In the picture above you can see the results of the entered code with more marvelous options to make its appearance better. You can beautify, minify, and copy the whole code without selecting all of it or you can directly download it.