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  • Posted On : Nov 08, 2018
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  • Description : Path of Exile stuff in the actual notes
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  • Thanks again for that transparency and continual communication, just please be able to better evaluate your feedback and learn what things to ignore and heed.

    Use commonsense when it comes to getting people's hopes up, it mustn't be surprising after that piss over average player, especially not this a long time in.

     People are now about to spend Cheap POE Currency the subsequent couple days either wondering if their builds still work, or dreaming on forums about how exactly their favorite thing was nerfed- it is bad PR instead of good for Path of Exile's general health, which none of people want to see.

    I think the mix of the above points and POE Trade also this one resulted in this feeling.

    I'm super impressed with all the patch itself, but obtaining the two MASSIVE balance changes (vaal pact/reflect) teased just after conception, made us feel as if we were about to get a whole lot of other things in the actual notes.