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  • Posted On : Sep 29, 2022
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  • Hair braiding is a popular protective style across the world today. Go back to your roots stylishly with a gamut of beautiful natural hairstyles created by hair styling experts at Elite Braids + Weaving. 

    We're adept at creating a number of Houston Hair braiding styles for you, from box braids to knotless braids, using your natural hair or synthetic hair. Regardless of the color, length, and thickness you want, Elite Braids + Weaving can achieve all that and much more for you. 

    Elite Braids + Weaving specializes in box braids, jumbo box braids, knotless braids, bohemian braids, micro braids, as well as many other unique forms of braiding. You can customize your look as per your preference or show us your braiding inspiration. We have a talented team of stylists who can achieve any braiding style at your request. 

    From Classic to Contemporary Braiding Styles

    Whether you want a classic cornrow braid or adopt a contemporary style like box braids, Elite Braids + Weaving is the right choice of hair salon for you. Our thorough professionals are at your service with high-end expertise in protective and natural hairstyles. 

    Our Houston hair braiding services include:

    1) Box Braids

    2) Knotless Braids

    3) Bohemian Braids

    4) Micro Braids

    5) Jumbo Box Braids

    So what are you waiting for? We're the experts in Houston hair braiding. Choose your pick and visit our salon for traditional or modern braiding styles that are suitable for any occasion and enhance your personality. 

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