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  • Finally, Yu did not let her wait any longer, the corner of his eyes twitched slightly, and then he opened his eyes. At that moment, there were tears in her bright eyes. You're awake! You finally woke up. Two lines of clear tears could not stop falling. Little fool, I'm not.. Okay, don't.. Cry "…" Yu's voice was weak and weak, and she wanted to raise her hand to comfort her who was crying into tears, but she couldn't do it. But Xia hurriedly took his weak hand and pressed it against his cheek, feeling that it was no longer as cold as before. "Let me cry a little longer, just a little longer.." But Xia's little face made the pear flower cry with tears, which made Yu feel distressed. "If you cry again, I'll kiss you!" Yutong pouted, looking very funny. All right! You get up and kiss me. 。」 But Xia waited with a smile through tears. "Give me a few more days, and I'll make it impossible for you to get out of bed." No way, now he can't do what he wants! Good! I'll wait for you 。」 Yu raised his hand reluctantly and stroked her hair. When he saw her haggard face, he knew she was afraid. He wanted to hold her tightly in his arms, help her wipe away her tears, and want to have her all his life. "Ke Xia,side impact beams, I.." Brother! Are you okay? Han Yu-rou, who had disappeared for many days, suddenly appeared from outside the door, interrupting what Yu was trying to say to Ke Xia. "Yu-rou, it's great that you're back!" "Finally, I'm willing to come back!" Without a trace of reproach, Yu saw that his sister was all right and had a ruddy complexion. He thought that her matter should have been settled satisfactorily. Brother! You really scared me to death. You are my only family. Would you please take good care of yourself? Looking at his pale face lying on the hospital bed, Yu Rou couldn't help but shed tears. The thrilling shooting made headlines in all the newspapers and media. After all,side impact beams, the person who was shot was an important figure in the business world, and the murderer was another business celebrity. Although the shooting happened suddenly, the case was quickly closed. Because the murderer not only overdosed on drugs, but also drove too fast, in the case of complete unconsciousness, mistook the island for the road, such a collision, people and cars were destroyed! Yu Rou, on the other hand, saw the newspaper a day later and went straight from Penghu to Taipei. Why even you are crying! You women are really made of water. Listen to Yu Long still being able to say teasing words, it seems that he is all right. Only then did Yu-rou see the tightly clasped hands on the hospital bed. She pointedly said to Yu-rou, "Brother, that impressive and unforgettable woman has finally been found." "Mmm!" Yulong nodded his head with certainty. Yu Rou happily ran to one side and hugged Ke Xia deeply. Unexpectedly, beam impact tubes ,stainless steel 304 pipes, the woman who made her brother unforgettable was her! "Thank you, Ke Xia!" Thank her for taking care of Baby, thank her for taking care of her brother, and thank her for loving her brother. The other two people present did not notice that Xia's face stiffened, and the pain of a knife in his heart spread quietly somewhere. FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 But Xia was full of joy and came to the hospital with his own fish soup. Today, Yu can eat normally, which means that he is not far from the day of recovery. Walking to the entrance of Yu's ward, the voice of conversation came from inside, which stopped Ke Xia from turning the doorknob. "Who is it?" Kexia secretly stood outside the door eavesdropping. Maybe Yu is speaking ill of her to someone. But she was not familiar with the voice. Then the voice of Yu came out. She is the most important woman in my life. I can die for her. Can you? Can you protect her like me? ?」 In the past few days, the heartache that Xia deliberately forgot burst out again, and her heart was scarred by a knife. What Yu Rou said that day impressed Ke Xia deeply. Unforgettable woman, he has found. So, to him, what is she? Bed partner ? Babysitter ? Still …… It's nothing? But Xia put the thermos pot in his hand outside the door, and then walked back as if he had lost his heart. FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 Standing on the roof of the old apartment where I live, I can see the sunset from the dawn in summer, and I am sighing at the beauty of the sunset, but its beauty is disappearing too fast. Just like love, it is so sweet and happy that people forget that this love does not belong to her, just like the sunset near dusk, which is fleeting. Today is only the second day, and she misses him so much. Oh my God! So how does she spend the rest of her life without him? ? Yesterday, when she came back from the hospital, she cried her heart out, but she did not curse that no man in the world has a conscience, after all, love is only suitable for people who love each other, and she. It's just that the man you want doesn't want her! It's not his fault! However, this kind of pain is engulfing her inch by inch, so that she almost lost the idea of survival. She would rather never have known what it was like to be in love, and she would rather always be just a listener to her friends' complaints. The feeling of personal experience is too bitter, too painful, too painful, she does not want, she would rather never! The sweet memories were so heavy on her chest that she couldn't breathe at all. The glittering and translucent teardrops fell again, but Xia silently crouched down, and the painful mist of tears dimmed the line of sight. "If you cry again, I'll kiss you!" Does she miss him so much that she hears voices? She remembered that when he woke up that day, he said the same thing. But Xia, lost in memory, raised his dim eyes and replied, "Good!" She knew she would be greeted only by cold air, not by any soft lips, but unexpectedly. But Xia opened her eyes wide and looked carefully at Yu,precision welded tubes, who kissed her lips and made her think that her heart would throb. "Don't you know that when you kiss, you have to close your eyes?" Yu's tone sounded rather angry. Why are you here? Have you recovered from your wound? ? Did the doctor say you could leave the hospital? Even if he loved another woman, she could not ignore him.