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  • Ito hesitated, Wu Ben Xiusheng pulled Ito, Ito put the needle and potion back into the medicine box. "Well, since your dog bites Lu Tung-pin and doesn't know good people, we have to go." Takemoto Hidekatsu pulled Ito up and said. On this day, we were still escorted by the same pirates as yesterday. They still drove us to the two speedboats and detained us on the sheltered island. As soon as I set foot on the island, I found that the storm last night was really heavy and fierce, bigger and more fierce than the storm that had brought us here before. The palm trees on the island are leaning here and there, and some of them are lying on the ground, with withered branches and leaves everywhere. Many cactus were broken and the ground was covered with fallen cactus balls. There are also camellias, chrysanthemums and wild flowers that have been swept away by the wind. Yesterday's bonfire has long disappeared, the basket has disappeared, the Parthenocissus tricuspidata and the blood sorrow we picked have all disappeared, and the eggs have been washed clean by the rain, even the eggshells are gone. From the dense trees, from the crevices in the mountains, from the ditches, and from the streams of rain. The rain continued to flow over the rocks, over the fallen palms, over the gravel on the ground, with white bubbles, with mud and dust, gurgling towards us, towards the rocks, towards the sea. At this time, the sky is still floating clouds, blowing cold wind,stainless steel needle valve, occasionally from the horizon, from the sea, from the top of the mountain, there will be waves of thunder rolling like empty barrels, as if at any time there will be a strong wind and heavy rain. With yesterday's experience, we already knew that there were the most Parthenocissus tricuspidata and blood sorrow growing there, so we went up the hill without thinking. When we walked up to the ring, we found a mud pit more than half a meter in front of the big bluestone. The pit was covered with gravel. I felt strange, so I asked Grandpa. Grandpa then told me that it was struck by thunder and lightning. There were many iron mines on the island. Iron mines were caused by thunder and lightning, so he told me not to go to places where there were iron mines in the future. Like yesterday,ball valve manufacturer, the pirates saw that we could not run away, and that we would not abandon the fishing boat to escape, nor would we hide in the mountains, so they did not follow us. I remember that day when we were walking up the mountain, Wu Ben Xiusheng said that if we hid in the mountain, let alone find food to wrap our stomachs, we might not even have a place to shelter from the wind and rain. I guess Wu Ben Xiusheng is not familiar with the sheltered island at all. He has never been to the mountain, and the pirates have never been to the mountain. In fact, there are many caves and wild fruits on the mountain. We can hide in the caves and pick the wild fruits on the mountain to satisfy our hunger, but we don't want to do that, because Grandpa said that this is not the way. If that happens, even if we don't starve to death, they will kill us if they find us. That day, when we climbed up the hill along the palm trees behind the ring, the pirates were under the rocks by the sea, under the palm trees, under the cactus, turning up stones, lifting up broken branches and roots, hydraulic fitting supplier ,brass tube fitting, picking up pieces of mud, not knowing what they were looking for. After a while, when I saw Inuno Taro throw himself under a palm tree and catch a cricket, I realized that they were catching crickets. There are indeed many crickets on the sheltered island, especially after the strong wind and heavy rain. There are many crickets and many varieties. There are yellow-spotted bell crickets, Hujialing crickets, Xiaohuangling crickets, yellow-winged crickets and red-winged crickets. As we picked the herbs, we heard the chirping of crickets, which seemed to recite poems against each other, and some of them suddenly jumped out of the grass, jumped on palm trees, jumped on rocks, and jumped on cactus. These crickets, like the seabirds of Bird Island, are rarely seen by people, but they seem to be very afraid of us. As soon as I stretch out my hand, they will bounce up like an electric shock and jump far away, making you helpless and anxious. The crickets here are as strong, as fat and as fierce as the crickets in our house. When we had gathered enough herbs and returned to the front of the ring, the pirates were all gathered together, like iron buckets, around the gravel, around a circle made of stones. Each of them had a cricket, two crickets, three crickets, and they were fighting crickets in that circle. I ran over curiously. I looked over their shoulders, over their ears, and I saw two crickets jumping up and down in a circle, running to and fro, jumping back and forth. Sometimes, they suddenly stand opposite the enemy, chirping, staring, with their whiskers and tails sticking up, but they dare not rush up and refuse to rush up, or when they see an opportunity to take advantage of it, they rush to kill it again, or when they see a flaw, they tear it up again, or only when the onlookers use branches to stir it up. Villagers in our family often fight crickets. They use crickets to gamble and launder money. They use crickets to bribe powerful local officials. Unexpectedly, pirates here are also keen on cricket fighting. They are fond of cricket fighting and have a strange habit of cricket fighting. It's really incredible. The two crickets in the circle were fighting, one was fat and big, with round body and long wings, and the other was thin and long, with hairy hands and feet and bulging eyes. When the two crickets pounced on each other, hissing and biting, the pirates clapped their hands and shouted loudly. When they all fell to the ground with broken legs and whiskers, they held their breath and stared at them. When they rolled over and stood in front of each other, Inuno Taro used a palm branch to tease the red-winged wing, tease its legs and feet, tease its forehead and eyes until it was angry, so that it rushed up hysterically, pounced on it, and continued to kill it. At the same time, Makoto Jixiu used a palm tree to tease the yellow wing, tease its tail, tease its forehead, teasing its mouth and teeth, until it was angry,needle valve manufacturer, until it rushed up hysterically, pounced on it, and continued to kill it.