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  • Description : Function mattress fabrics are used in a wide range of applications. Not only do baby mattress fabrics require multiple measurements, but older mattress fabrics also require attention.
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  • Function mattress fabrics are used in a wide range of applications. Not only do baby mattress fabrics require multiple measurements, but older mattress fabrics also require attention.
    In order to bring a comfortable sleep to the elderly, it is recommended to choose the mattress for the elderly who have begun to degenerate the bones:
    (1) Hard mattress is better.According to the sleeping habits and physiological characteristics of the elderly, it is more suitable to choose a mattress with higher hardness. Sleeping on a bed that is too soft, the weight of the human body will form a low, medium and high environment, affecting the normal physiological flexion of the lumbar spine of the elderly, causing contraction, tension and paralysis. Lumbar muscles and ligaments, which increase waist discomfort. Moreover, the physical condition of the elderly has begun to degenerate, and the bed that is too soft is prone to fall, which makes it difficult to get up when getting up and lying down.
    (2) The body curve matches the mattress. Let the old man lie flat, the family put his hand into his neck, back, waist and hips to the bottom of the thigh to see if there is a gap; then turn over and touch the body part is suitable for the mattress.
    (3) Coconut shell mattresses are preferred. The coconut shell mattress has a moderate hardness and is the first choice for the elderly to choose a mattress because it is warm, cool, breathable, hygroscopic, elastic and durable. Among them, the all-brown fiber elastic mattress made of brown silk or coconut shell silk has better gas permeability and water permeability, and can keep the bedding in winter, and heats well in summer to achieve the effect of winter warming. And cool summer.
    (4) The size of the mattress is suitable. The height should be 20 cm high. When buying a mattress for an elderly person, consider the height factor and leave room for pillows and hands and feet. The height of the individual plus 20 cm is the most suitable size for the elderly to sleep. It's easier and less stressful.
    (5) If you buy mattress covers and bedspreads for the elderly, the choice of color is also important. It is generally recommended that the color of the mattress cover or bed cover of the elderly should be light orange, on the one hand to enhance appetite and enhance the absorption of calcium; at the same time, it can make people happy; and the blue mattress cover and bedspread can also help headache, fever and insomnia.

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