MyWorldGo Is A Baby Bottle Cooler Necessary?

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  • Posted On : Oct 18, 2022
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  • Is it necessary to buy a baby bottle cooler? Which brand is better?

    In winter, the weather is cold, and the baby may drink half of the milk. The warm milk has already become cold. In order to slow down the speed of the milk cooling, parents plan to buy a milk bottle insulation sleeve to cover the outside of the milk bottle. The milk bottle insulation sleeve has Is it necessary to buy it? If you think it is necessary to plan to buy it, you should also know which brand is better? Let's take a look together below.

    If the baby drinks milk slowly, there is no heating or other heating equipment at home, and the room temperature is relatively cold, it is still necessary to buy a milk bottle insulation cover, which can have a certain thermal insulation effect. In addition, the baby bottle thermal sleeve can not only keep warm, it can also protect the baby bottle to a certain extent. Now the baby bottles are all glass, which is easy to break. The outside of the baby bottle thermal jacket is wrapped, so the chance of breaking is greatly reduced. From these two aspects, the milk bottle insulation sleeve is still a very practical product.

    How long can the milk in the insulated baby bottle be kept and how long is it normal to keep it warm?

    For parents with babies and milk powder feeding, the least favorite season is winter, because the temperature is low at this time, if the baby has a bad habit of drinking milk, and the rate of drinking milk is slow, it will cause the milk to flow very quickly. It will become cold, so that the baby will not be able to guarantee its nutritional value after drinking it, and it is not good for the baby's health. Therefore, the insulated baby bottle has been favored by parents at once, so how long can the milk in the insulated baby bottle be kept? At the same time, how long is it normal to keep warm?

    The so-called insulated baby bottle is different from traditional baby bottles. Its most obvious advantage is that it has a thermal insulation effect. Under normal circumstances, after filling it with 95 degrees of water, the water humidity can be around 50 degrees after three hours, and the insulation effect is still good. Therefore, parents can prepare milk powder first, control the temperature at 45 degrees, and then pour the milk powder into the insulated milk bottle, so that they no longer worry about the baby getting cold milk.

    However, even with the use of insulated bottles, the baby may still drink milk intermittently, so parents may store the milk in the insulated bottles. However, parents need to pay attention that the storage time should not be too long. It is generally recommended to drink the milk within two hours. After more than two hours, the milk powder is easy to deteriorate, which will cause adverse effects on the baby's body.

    Therefore, it is very important for parents to pay attention to the storage time of milk powder when using insulated baby bottles.

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