MyWorldGo I know the fans want Kobe to play 2K24

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  • Posted On : Oct 24, 2022
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  • It's true, we're 2K MT starting to live in areas that don't just basketball or video games. It's definitely feasible as we grow within the culture ecosystem and where it will take us, I mean who knows? Right? It is common to hear that musicians would like to be athletes as well as athletes wish to become musicians. You hear about it constantly, you can see it. It was the Serge Ibaka thing last week which saw him get 35 million plays on Spotify. They're like living together in a sense. And so 2K's responsibility in that regard is to be as authentic as is possible as well as push the boundaries of culture. If we can incorporate any aspect in that, I think that's something that's going to thrill us.I have to ask you this. Many fans have wondered why there wasn't a joint cover between LeBron and MJ for the legendary edition? Did you guys consider LeBron?

    I'm sure that 23 pops in everyone's head, however I'm sure that us having Jordan on a cover was much more of an announcement about the best of the time right, and we believed that this was the greatest 2K in history, which is why we made a statement by putting Jordan on the cover. This is the year of excellence, and we felt that Jordan was the perfect choice. We've certainly worked with LeBron on other covers and we'll be doing it again. He's an excellent partner of ours, but that it's always Jordan for us.

    I know the fans want Kobe to play 2K24. Does it have a chance to happen? that?Who knows? We're very excited about 2K23 as of right now. Twenty-four years away isn't enough however, we're having those conversations now, and we'll wait and see.At what point do you begin to Buy NBA 2K23 MT Safe be focused on your next two-year anniversary? In my opinion, it's unlikely that we'll ever get to that point. The game will remain in the cycle for a couple of years. We just put out 2K22 content, which was released a week two years ago.