MyWorldGo People are requesting to be able to go back to play WoW Classic

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  • Another type of challenge is presented by the PVP that has gone through several metas and phases over the game's long lifespan. Similar to any live game, there will be classes that will get a lot of attention and be criticized for being overpowered in one period only to be left behind during the following. The team says this is one of the primary reasons why it decided to play this particular iteration of WoW.

    "The 1.12 version is what we're starting withand it's the primary goal we were aiming for," Birmingham said. "We were saying '1.12 was the point where the game was the most patched and the most complete and also the best balanced.' This is what we wanted to get the systems set at for WoW Classic."

    However, that doesn't  WoTLK Classic Gold mean the game will be completely static, however. Although the plan is to keep the game in the same way it was before the 1.12 update However, players can still expect to find some content unlocking over time to recreate the feeling of being a player as the game first came out with updates.

    "People are requesting to be able to go back to play WoW Classic as it was," Birmingham said. "We were looking to make this, sort of like a snapshot in time but we also want to the ability to unlock these content updates in a progressive manner. For example, Blackwind Lair and Ahn'Qiraj, and Naxxramas. We'd like them to be unlocked with time, as they are deemed appropriate by the players for them when they are progressing through those diverse pieces of content. The systems in general we'd like them to make sure they are locked at  buy WoTLK Classic Gold 1.12 at which we think they are the most comprehensive and balanced."