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  • Posted On : Nov 16, 2018
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  • Description : Today, there are a variety of function mattress fabrics on the market. Today we talk about anti-mite mattress fabrics.
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  • Today, there are a variety of function mattress fabrics on the market. Today we talk about anti-mite mattress fabrics.

    According to the survey, the mattress is one of the deadliest bacteria in the home space. Even the very clean and tidy bedroom has nearly 15 million mites on the mattress. I think about the scene and feel the horrible, which is why The popularity of the concept of healthy furniture, anti-mite mattress has become a hot new favorite of today's consumers.

    However, because of the large market demand, many merchants are wearing the name of anti-mite anti-bacterial mattresses, but they have added more confusion to most people, because they can hardly distinguish which products are actually available except for the appearance. To prevent the anti-bacterial effect, in order to improve consumer awareness, today we will teach you how to judge whether the mattress is really defensive.

    The first step in screening the mattress is to look at the fabric.

    Ordinary mattress fabrics do not have good breathability and moisture absorption. The fabric used in the mattress is directly related to the health of the human skin and respiratory system. At present, the mattress fabrics on the market mainly include: knitting, water spray cloth, jacquard cloth, washed cloth, Fuchunfang, corduroy, denim, Nisifang, Pai Lisi, warp knitted fabric, Huayao and so on.

    The mattress with good quality and anti-mite function is a three-proof fabric capable of preventing bacteria, mildew and mothproof. This fabric can effectively inhibit bacterial growth and prevent mildew, and is also a common dust mites in home textile products. It has high repellent rate, such as leather mites, mites and Demodex, which greatly enhances the hygienic performance of the products and is the first choice for many anti-mite mattresses.

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