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  • Posted On : Sep 03, 2020
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  • Description : Top Hammer Drilling Tools drilling operation control: If the drill rod is admitted to the hole wall,


  •         DTH Drill Pipe is a complex machine, which consists of machines, units and mechanisms. DTH Drill Pipe is a mechanical equipment that drives drilling tools into the ground to obtain physical geological data during exploration or development of mineral resources (including solid mines, liquid mines, gas mines, etc.). Also known as drilling machine. The main function is to drive the drilling tool to break the rock at the bottom of the hole, and to run or raise the drilling tool in the hole. It can be used to drill cores, ore cores, cuttings, gaseous samples, liquid samples, etc., to prove underground geology and mineral resources. During the drilling process, there will be some unexpected situations, such as the drop of the drill, so today I will talk about what to do if the drill is dropped during the DTH Drill Pipe drilling process.
          1. Drilling lower casing: Use steel bars to make a circular skeleton, then use a small cotton rope to fix the wire rope casing, use the rope to fix three points on the skeleton to maintain a lowering balance, and then move the skeleton and the wire rope into the hole together.
          2. Drilling inspection: Before I set up, we must first acknowledge the depth of the drill pipe break and address the depth of the hole, and then use the measuring rope to detect the degree of skewness of the drill pipe left in the hole, and acknowledge whether the drill pipe break is attached to the hole wall, and For the sediment in the hole, the above factors must be recognized, otherwise it will be difficult for the frame and the rope sleeve to reach the predetermined position, even if the drill pipe is trapped, it cannot be pulled out due to the sediment.
          3. Top Hammer Drilling Tools drilling operation control: If the drill rod is admitted to the hole wall, install the drill bucket with a modified or new drill rod, and lower it to the disconnection to move the drill rod to make the disconnected drill rod separate from the hole wall Interval, and then the set can be downloaded.