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  • The game has 2k23 mt also grown significantly from last year's, with NBA 2K22 coming with a size of less than 120 GB on any of the platforms.NBA 2K is crammed with plenty of great entertainment, but few was expecting 2K23 to be as size it is.Let's just hope there won't be many more coming Xbox Series X games with huge file sizes because you'll likely have to tackle some serious storage space management...

    Need a player to keep things locked down and clean up on defensive boards? These are the best defenses in NBA2K23.Defense is a crucial aspect of basketball, and having players who can shut down opponents, prevent good looks, and even force a poor shot can be as vital as a ball handling playmaker. Similar is the case all the time in NBA 2K23.

    With the increase in three-point shooters, perimeter defence is more valuable than ever, but the players on this list are just as capable on the interior; as the saying goes, "Offense wins games defence wins championships."Below, the players will be ranked by their Defensive Consistency (DCNST), but their other attributes that make them the best defenders in Buy nba 2k23 mt coins the game will be explored as well. A table with a more comprehensive list of defenders will be located at the bottom of this page.