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  • It's a bizarre side-quest that starts by talking to a man named Mervain in Bilefen specifically in the northwestern part in Crimsonblade D2R Items Haven. Mervain advises the player to avoid the nearby auction, and also that there is an unusual necklace being auctioned for sale. If you are the D2R Ladder player arrives at the auction, they are disrupted by an attack which they have to deal with. In the midst of the fight an gang of fetishes are able to steal the necklace and bring it back to their hiding place located to just to the west of where the auction is. The participant must enter this hideout to take the necklace away.

    This side quest is available in any map in the game beginning with a quest to find a treasure chest. When trying to open the chests, players are confronted by spirits. By defeating these spirits, one can break the curse of the chest, allowing the user to access the contents. The players will need to move quickly in fighting the attacking spirits. If they can defeat them quickly enough they will be rewarded by two treasure chests. They aren't that difficult to defeat, even although they can spread out and fire magical projectiles at the player.

    It's as hidden as side quests can get within Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Items. There is no indication to indicate that "Ambush" is likely to trigger, and it is possible to trigger it at any time in the game. The quest starts when a number of enemy groups suddenly appears in front of the player , and then attack. The kind of enemy identified by the location that the player is on. the ambush groups are made up of elite enemies. The aim is to eliminate the enemies who are trying to ambush the player. The quest list displayed on the left-hand side of the screen will notify the player of which enemies must be defeated to finish the quest.