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  • Description : A poor quality diet low in fiber content often results in constipation, making it uncomfortable for you. The perfect solution to such a problem is to have an enema kit if your doctor permits the same.
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  • We all know health is wealth, but the unhealthy lifestyle that people live nowadays has become the primary reason for prolonged illnesses and life-threatening diseases. Excessive smoking, consumption of alcohol, stress, and anxiety in work and personal life, plus unhealthy food habit, leads to severe health issues snatching away the vigor and strength from your life. A poor quality diet low in fiber content often results in constipation, making it uncomfortable for you. The perfect solution to such a problem is to have an enema kit if your doctor permits the same. 


    Enema and Its Types!

    Enema is a process through which people having chronic constipation can flush out their colon. A colonic hygienist performs an enema, including colon irrigation, through specialized equipment. The following are its different types:


    • Cleansing Enema: Water-based enemas that require a short time to flush out your bowel are called cleansing enemas. Once injected in the rectum, you need to hold them for a few minutes before they start the action. Saline, sodium phosphate, and lime juice enema are some examples.


    • Retention Enema: The enema where you need to keep the solution in your bowel for a long time is called retention enema. This type of enema is usually water or oil-based. Once the process finishes, you must wait for at least 15 minutes. When the stool softens, your body will expel it effortlessly. Coffee, mineral oil, and probiotics are some examples of retention enemas.


    You can also administer an enema at home using a high-quality enema kit that is widely available at leading medical web stores. These kits comprise one 2-liter fountain rubber bag, one metal hook to suspend the bag while cleaning, a silicon tube of 5 feet, nozzles, catheters, and clamps. Undeniably, these home enema kits are sturdy, durable, and cost-effective. Buy them once and use them for several years with no tension.


    Similarly, if you are a patient with sinus infections or suffering from allergies, cough, and cold, the best neti pot can guarantee you some relief.


    Neti Pot- What Is It?

    A nasal irrigation device that aids in cleaning out your nasal passage, expelling the mucus is called a neti pot. The device uses saline water to treat your problems related to sinus or cough and cold. To use this pot, bend over the sink with your head tilted sideways and chin and forehead at the same level. Pour the mixture into your upper nostril, keeping your mouth open. The process will clean out your nostril, removing the mucus and helping you breathe properly.


    Best Neti Pots: What to Consider While Purchasing Them?

    You will get the best neti pot at the top online healthcare shops. Here is what you must check before buying them:


    • Before buying the neti pots, ensure the material is of good quality. The eminent websites sell neti pots; fashioned from premium-quality steel, plastic, and ceramic. So, purchase them unhesitant.
    • Size isanother vital factor you must not miss. The top-ranking medical web stores have a vast collection of neti pots from large to small travel-friendly sizes. Select the ones that suit your purpose.



    Are you looking for top-quality enema kits or neti pots at affordable prices? Visit the official website of the top healthcare stores and explore their products.