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  • Posted On : Sep 10, 2020
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  • Description : In recent years, my country's food and beverage industry has made great progress. According to statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics, the output of my country's beverage industry and can making machine industry has achieved double growth.


  • In recent years, my country's food and beverage industry has made great progress. According to statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics, the output of my country's beverage industry and can making machine industry has achieved double growth. With excellent printing performance, noble metal texture, excellent flavor retention performance and other characteristics, metal packaging has an irreplaceable position in the food packaging industry. At present, for Japan and European countries, metal packaging accounts for about 14% of various packaging materials, second only to paper and plastic packaging, occupying the third place; while the US packaging consumption is more metal materials than plastic packaging, accounting for about second. my country's metal materials account for about 8% of the total packaging materials, second only to plastic packaging materials. The rapid growth of food and fast-moving consumer goods is the first traction for the rapid development of this industry, and the upgrading trend of packaging products will directly increase the share of metal packaging products in various packaging products; in the future, metal packaging will pay more attention to food safety and thinning Reduce quantity and pay more attention to recyclability. Facing the status quo of a large number of small and medium packaging companies, repeated construction, and overcapacity of low-end products.

    In the past, maintenance cost analysis was mostly carried out at the end of the period, which was a pre-analysis and could no longer meet the requirements of the market economy. At present, can seamer companies should not simply engage in pre-analysis, but should strengthen the promotion of cost-guessing analysis, that is, combining planning analysis, guessing analysis and pre-performance analysis to establish a complete analysis and estimation system. Technical improvement is of special significance in terms of satisfying equipment performance and reducing maintenance costs. Vigorously carry out technical research activities, small reforms, and eliminate the inherent shortcomings in the equipment, improve the stability and efficiency of the system, greatly reduce the workload of inspection and maintenance, and save a lot of maintenance costs every year. 1. In order to reduce maintenance costs, and to give full play to and mobilize the enthusiasm of maintenance personnel, special identification procedures and rules for rewards and punishments have been formulated for the repair of old parts and the damage of parts. 2. Reducing consumption and lowering production costs is an important part of equipment management. Most of the consumption of raw materials is realized on the equipment. The poor condition of equipment will increase the consumption of raw materials; in terms of energy consumption, equipment accounts for a larger proportion. Strengthening equipment management, improving equipment operation efficiency, and reducing unprepared energy consumption are important means of diligence and energy conservation. During the operation of the equipment, in order to maintain the normal operation of the equipment, a certain amount of material consumption is also necessary.

    The working characteristic of the can sealing machine is to manually cap and press the can between the pressure head of the can sealing machine and the supporting plate or lifting plate, and then the can is sealed. There are two types of crimping sealing methods: ①The can itself rotates with the pressure head; ②The can is fixed between the pressure head and the support plate and cannot rotate. The latter type of sealing machine is more suitable for sealing juicy cans. Because the can body does not rotate, it can prevent the soup in the can from splashing under the action of centrifugal force, resulting in a lack of product gross weight; the sealed can enters the sealed chamber of the can sealing machine, and the air in the can is drawn out by the pipe connected to the vacuum pump, and then again Seal it. The machine can be sealed when there is a can with a lid, it will automatically stop when there is a can without a lid, it will stop when it is overloaded, it cannot be started when the vacuum is lacking, and it stops automatically. The production capacity is 50 cans/min. It is suitable for special-shaped cans with a diagonal of 130 mm and a height of 22 to 96 mm.

    The traditional production method of metal packaging cans is: first cut the iron sheet blank into squares, then roll the blank into a cylinder (that is, the cylinder) and then solder the formed longitudinal joint line to form a side seal.

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