MyWorldGo The Extra Long Wood Drill Bit Needs To Have A Reasonable Structure

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  • Posted On : Sep 11, 2020
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  • Description : There are many kinds of bit structures, and the structure of Extra Long Wood Drill Bit must meet the following requirements



    There are many kinds of bit structures, and the structure of Extra Long Wood Drill Bit must meet the following requirements:

    1. The cutting part suitable for drilling conditions must have normal angle and size;

    2. When drilling, the chips can be separated freely and discharged out of the hole in time as they are formed;

    3. It can be grinded many times conveniently, and the angle value and main dimension parameters of the cutting part after grinding are unchanged;

    4. Maximum productivity and good processing quality.

    The structure of drill bit depends on its working conditions: relative to the drilling direction of fiber, drilling diameter, drilling depth, and required machining accuracy and productivity. The following common structures of extra-long wood drill bit are mainly introduced.

    (1) The end of the cylindrical head center drill bit is cylindrical, with two cutting edges and a spiral groove. This drill is mainly used for drilling shallow holes with horizontal stripes, but the drilling depth is deeper than that of flat drills at a larger feed speed.

    (2) Drill the round counter cutter bit in the center of the round counter cutter and the toothed counter cutter.

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