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  • Posted On : Jan 04, 2023
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  • Description : Wilcox Bodies is the leading manufacturer of custom aluminum truck bodies in the USA and Canada. Our skilled welders are Canadian Welding Bureau Certified in Aluminum and Steel and they ensure the ultimate quality build. For more information Call us at (888) 294-5269.
  • Location : Milton, Ontario, Canada


  • Custom Truck Bodies

    Custom flatbed truck beds, custom enclosed service bodies, custom utility truck beds, and everything in between, we have got you covered with a tailor-made solution that meets your needs. With Custom Truck Bodies comes custom options, and so long as these options that you have dreamed up are compliant with Federal Motor Carrier Regulations, the sky is the limit. From highly customized bumpers, to racking materials, to lighting, custom options can bring that custom body an extra level of value.

    Wilcox Bodies is a full-time, Canadian-based, custom-building firm in Ontario, specializing in providing high-quality bodywork for your fleet. Located in Milton, Ontario, Wilcox Bodies builds steel and aluminium truck bodies including repair bodies, maintenance bodies, utility bodies, grease bodies, rail bodies, flatbeds, emergency vehicle bodies, and much more. In 2007, Wilcox Bodies Limited moved from Wilcox Bodiess older location in Streetsville, Ontario, to their current, much larger facility, where they continue to produce quality service truck bodies and provide top-notch customer service. Wilcox bodies offer an extensive choice of options to suit every client’s needs, including convertible tops, specialized paint jobs, and specialized trim. Wilcox Bodies builds truck bodies and utility service truck bodies for cities, municipalities, contractors, individual users, and groups of manufacturers, for distribution across Canada and the United States. We help you do your job with durable service bodies for all of your utility truck needs. Custom or custom bodies are made by and fitted on another manufacturers rolling chassis by the craftsmen who have formerly built bodies for horse-drawn carriages. Later,

    Utility Truck Bodies

    Custom Utility Truck Bodies must perfectly meet operator needs, and Wilcox Bodies builds the finest custom utility truck beds and bodies on the market. Wilcox Utility Bodies are designed and built for the constantly changing construction industry. When using high-powered devices on your job, safety is of utmost importance. Wilcox Aluminium or Steel Utility Bodies are specifically designed to provide a safe working environment that protects operators 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

    Since 1962, Wilcox has been manufacturing Utility Bodies. Our factory is always intent to create new and innovative designs for Utility Bodies. The options are unlimited when it comes to the Wilcox Utility Body. We'll work together with your team during the design process to find the best truck body for the job. Wilcox Bodies is committed to providing the highest standards of quality on our truck bodies, as well as meeting the needs and expectations of our customers. Wilcox Bodies experienced designers, engineers, and sales associates can assist in designing your ideal utility vehicle. Wilcox Service Bodies has been building customized service vehicles since 1962, starting with vision and designmany of the most significant structural features of custom or bespoke bodies, such as A, B, and C columns, were cast-alloy components.