MyWorldGo Does Air France give refunds?

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  • Posted On : Mar 15, 2023
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  • Description : Suppose you had booked a flight that you canceled recently for some reason. Now you must be thinking about, does Air France give refunds? Yes, they do provide refunds for various conditions.


  • The policies for getting a refund from Air France are as follows:

    When a person cancels the flight before the scheduled departure, they will be eligible for a refund.

    The cancellation of tickets within 24 hours of the reservation is entitled to a full fare amount refund.

    The cancellation of flight tickets after 24 hours of the reservation is entitled to a refund after the suitable deductions from the fare amount.

    If Air France cancels a flight, they will provide the full fare amount to the passengers. In some cases, an alternate flight is also offered to the passengers if they wish; they can make the cancellation and then apply for a full refund.

    The flight cancellation can be made for a medical issue of a passenger. They may get a full refund from Air France, depending upon the condition.

    Process for Air France Refund Request

    You need to fill out a refund request form to get a refund from Air France, and the required steps are given below:

    Head to Air France’s website on your browser,

    Hop onto the contact page,

    Navigate the Refund request option,

    Now you need to follow the refund form with the suitable info,

    Then press the Send Request form.

    Following these steps, the refund request will be sent to Air France, and the amount will be credited. If you want human assistance and thinking, how do I talk to a live person at Air France? Then you can reach their customer service by using the contact number (1800-419-2033). You may ask the representative you connect with to apply for the refund request at the Air France.