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  • This is a problem I've been struggling withbecause, while yes, it's true, I've loved everything I've seen out of Diablo 4 so far, especially the new footage released this week, it's hard to trust both Blizzard's decision-making in recent years Diablo IV Gold, and difficult to Blizzard's as an organization in the present.

    Where to start? Make your choice.

    Although a report released today claims that Activision's internal probe turned into a conclusion that top executives did not do anything wrong with regard to not addressing harassment complaints, we've witnessed a lot of departures from Blizzard particularly when it comes to its discrimination against women was horrendous sometimes even horrendous in some cases, and have seen those who were accused of harassment, as well as those who have been accused of not doing enough to prevent it, be dismissed from the company. One of these even included the director of Diablo 4, Luis Barriga. I'm concerned not just about the literal people that have left hurting the development of Blizzard, but as well in the work conditions at Blizzard in general, given the environment in which Blizzard operates.

    In June 1 and 2 in this calendar year gamers around the globe was witness to the launch of Diablo Immortal on iOS along with Android. On Android it has a 3.7 out of 5 score, while it's Apple App Store rating is an 4.5 out of 5. The ratings are great However, some of the more vocal areas of the web, and even press have not been accommodating.

    When Blizzard revealed the next exciting game in its Diablo game series back in 2018,, fans were not exactly thrilled. As you can see buy Diablo 4 Gold, the fans of 2018 were expecting a Diablo IV announcement at BlizzCon. Instead , the announcement was made for a mobile-based game called Diablo Immortals. If you were watching the livestream, or if you'd like to go back through the videos, you'll certainly hear more jeers than cheering.