MyWorldGo Mine will probably be 99 Defense.

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  • Mine will probably be 99 Defense. It had been in my list due to the significance of protection in tanking. I haven't had members because 2006 so I had to RuneScape gold finish it in freeplay of course, which was murder. I also got it throughout my inactive stretch of 2007-2013. During the summers I'd play for 1.5-2 hours each day to get 50k defense experience. Even though it was a brief period of time, it had been such a pain to log in and get that because I was not really interested in the match at the point.

    What saved me was that the reintroduction of the wilderness in 2011 and much more importantly the shunning of Revenants into a dungeon. It enabled me to AFK at Ice Warriors in the wilderness to the 50k xp a day I got in the summertime because players never uttered the spot. Still took a couple of years though since I could not will myself to log in for over two hours, even AFK.

    Ironically, soon after I achieved 99 Defense EOC came out and killed clanning, so that I have not been able to tank along with my 99 defense. The previous time I awakened was an enjoyable war between Sals Realm and some other clan, in which point I was 98 Defense.

    Honorable mentions: I led a clan back in the day, slightly proud of that (although I was far from a perfect leader.) My initial 99, firemaking. I'm proud that I stuck through it and did not quit. Even though firemaking is a simple 99, even before bonfires. I had a knack for performing nicely in Sals steel war items and snowball fights (air attack struggles ). Probably because I had been a high level but never the highest level, since the maximum level was always stacked first. Enough of me, I'd like to hear yours.

    I don't really have any pride in my in-game achievements that required nothing more than a lot of time grinding. I'm glad I maxed melee and Old School RS Gold fight some time afterwards, but I wouldn't say I'm proud because I didn't really require any thinking, quick-reflexes and another sort of effort. But still if I had to pick one it would be 99 Prayer I guess. Only because once I was a noob back in 2006-07 I never thought I'd ever have sufficient cash to afford it. 99 Attack was nice also, first combat 99.