MyWorldGo World of Warcraft delayed Shadowlands expansion planned to be released on November 23

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  • According to information released by Blizzard, the Shadowlands expansion plan for World of Warcraft was postponed earlier this month, only one week from the original October release date, and will now be launched on November 23.

    Blizzard initially told the fans of World of Warcraft that Shadowlands would be released on October 27th. The WOW Classic Gold For Sale players were also looking forward to it, but there was a problem not long ago. The players also have more time to welcome and familiarize themselves with the new expansion. The decision to postpone the release of the expansion is also to allow players to have a better experience, rather than to present players with a substandard product.

    In a new statement issued next to the Vanilla WOW Gold revised release date, the developers also explained that they have used the extra time to further refine the expansion and support the final game, including a thorough review of the Maw’s battles and rewards, in order to make the alliance more direct Influence will be redesigned to make your choice very important, and to make this covenant more clear long-term goals.

    Shadowlands is the eighth major expansion of World of Warcraft. It introduces the nominal "rest place for every mortal soul that ever existed, whether moral or vile." In a more practical sense, it is Players brought five new exploration areas: Ardenweald, Maldraxxus, Revendreth, The Maw and Bastion are the hometowns of angel souls, which guide Kyrians.

    On November 10th, the "pre-launch event" of Shadowlands will begin. Players will try to defend Azeroth to prevent the Scourge from re-emerging. Blizzard has confirmed the first raid of the expansion plan, Castle Nathria, to launch Sire Denathrius in the "heartland" "Revendreth Lair" will open on December 8th, alongside Shadowlands Season 1.

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