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  • Posted On : May 19, 2023
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  • Description : How to Choose Modern Outdoor Furniture


  • Spending a lazy afternoon outdoors amidst the sunshine and flowers, chatting with friends, reminiscing about the good old days....In one's otherwise hectic schedule, such moments are rare and must be treasured for a lifetime. Quality outdoor furniture can prove to be the best companion for such occasions. However, one must select modern outdoor furniture items with a great amount of care.

    3 Essential Considerations while Selecting Modern Outdoor Furniture
    The following are certain considerations before choosing modern outdoor furniture:

    Form: This would involve the quality, style and material, in other words, the aesthetics of furniture. Outdoor furniture should complement your garden or backyard. Only in this way can you convert a small garden area into an intimate dining space or a conversation pit.

    Outdoor furniture can be made of teak, wicker or metal. Teak will offer a traditional British garden setting look. Modern garden furniture is usually made of aluminum and vinyl-coated polyester fabric. These are more sophisticated, sleeker and weather resistant.

    Comfort: Since the furniture is intended to facilitate relaxation, it is essential that it is comfortable. For instance, if it is a dining arrangement, makes sure that:

    • The height of the chair matches that of the table.
    • There is plenty of leg space beneath the table and a person's feet do not come in the way of the others sitting at the same table.
    • The tabletop has ample overhang to let those sitting around it pull their chairs close.
    • Armrests are proportionally designed according to the height of the table.
    • The cushions fit the chairs properly and each has ample padding.


    Maintenance: This can prove quite time-consuming if you do not select the right material. Select furniture keeping your time limitations in mind.

    • Aluminum pieces would require regular wash with lukewarm soap water.
    • Wicker can be washed simply with water to remove the airborne dust or dirt particles. Soap must be used as infrequently as possible. Genuine wicker must be kept away from water.
    • To preserve teak's golden-brown color, you will have to sand it and apply teak oil once a year. Although this wood is not harmed by rain water, unfinished teak generally weathers to a silvery-gray shade.
    • Steel and wrought iron have to be painted in order to prevent them from rusting. You can simply cover the furniture to prevent it from being drenched and uncover it later so that condensation does not lead to rust.


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